Empire of Alperia

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Alperia,full name Empire of Alperia has a micronation with 11 citizens 29 December 2017 and attempted to destroy the country and new country Buğranistan planned. 12 January 2018 declared independence January 14, 2018 United Micropact Member . According to the Convention a sovereign independent Empire of Alperia 1930 Montevideo micronation.

Empire of Alperia
Flagalpenia.pngAlpenia CoA.png

"Meniñ elim"
Capital cityUchtaç
Largest cityUchtaç
Official language(s)English, Turkish, French
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameAlperia
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- Vice-PresidentTırak Sakhalin
- SultanAlperen I
Established12 January 2018
Area claimedTBA
National sportFootball
National animalEagle,wolf

Government Website


Government and politics

8 people have a Council and they are all plush dolls. This Assembly was established for the recognition of the rights already plush baby. The ruling party is the Alpenia Empire Party. The Sultan used the authority of the legislature and as a pass.

Law and order

Foreign relations

Unilateral recognization

Formal recognization

Alperia doesn't recognize

Any other entity not mentioned


The country is currently not participating in the war. Already a member of a United Micropact. But it still has a military army.  


The country has an economy that represents the elevation of people working in the service sector the most. Then, trade and agriculture. Countries participating in the Olympics as the host economy and upgrade.


The country is known for most dishes. These are kumpir and kokoreç. But there's something different. For example, 90's stores military. Plush doll rights is very important and the country's most plush doll. The Parliament and the Prime Minister are plush toys.


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC73VDxsezkH5OskQXCHx6zg?view_as=subscriber Government Website


Name Flag President Capital Population Coat of Arms
Uchtach   Alperen I Uchtach 10  
Kəzımbəy   Halil Turan Genç Kəzımbəy 1  
Vələyat-i Batu   Alperen I N/A 1  
Millitary Zone
Millitary Area   Tarık Sakhalin N/A 1  
Antaria İslands   N/A Antarcity 0  

Political Parties

Name Logo Founded Ideology Seats Leader
Alperia Empire Party   2018 Morarchism
3 / 8
Alperen I
Women's Right Party   2018 Feminism
2 / 8
Ayşe Bilig
Communist Party   2018 Communism
1 / 8
Alperen Miraç Bülbül
Independent N/A 2018 Independent
1 / 8