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|demonym            = Huai Siao
|demonym            = Huai Siao
|government        = Emperor system
|government        = Emperor system
|head of state      = [[Emperor|Emperor]]
|head of state      = [[Emperor]]
|head of government = [[premier|premier]]
|head of government = [[premier]]
|3rd_h              =  
|3rd_h              =  
|hos_name          = [[Emperor Pao]]
|hos_name          = [[Emperor Pao]]
|hog_name          = [[King Ong|King Ong]]
|hog_name          = [[King Ong]]
|3rd_h_name        =  
|3rd_h_name        =  
|legislature        = [[Legislature|Legislature]]
|legislature        = [[Legislature]]
|type              = Advisory body
|type              = Advisory body
|seats              = 10
|seats              = 10

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Empire Huai Siao

2017 — present

Coat of Arms

"Must stay"
Highest government badge
Capital cityCapital
Largest cityDeer County
Official language(s)Thai Language
Short nameHuai Siao
DemonymHuai Siao
DemonymHuai Siao
GovernmentEmperor system
- EmperorEmperor Pao
- premierKing Ong
- Type - Advisory body
- Number of seats - 10
Established22 October 2017
Time zoneUTC +7

[ https://hesgov.wewyn.com

Empire Huai Siao or Imperial Palace Huai Siao Is the empire that Hmong people set up from the concept of Emperor David Which this model country is in Southeast Asia The rule will have a good rule. The emperor was the center of the country But He will retain His Majesty's power. Founded on 22 October 2017 Currently our simulation country Has requested to join the GUM organization, which, if really authorized Our people who are satisfied with this reign

       At present, the government is lacking a nobleman because most of the people do not care about helping the land but returning to their own fields. 

However, the government hopes that the government will be happy enough.


The name of our country is derived from Our village name, this name has been proposed by King and has been accepted by the government itself. Although this name has been approved, this name has been used for over 1 year.


   Our simulated country was set up by Ang Aun of children who love to rule and later announced the establishment of Huai Siao Empire for the first time on 22 October 2017. Our first emperor was Emperor David, who reigned less than 3 months, gave up the treasure to the ruler of Pao. Since then, the governor of the country has received the title of Emperor until the present. At present, the government office is still in the hands of the Governor's Council. Because of the cause of Emperor Pao, still a little lent

The government

Emperor Pao reign By the Regent Board Has given the constitution to be a regime that makes The emperor must be in the constitution. The constitution will remain. Royal law and tradition used in the royal court And the Constitution of 2018 mentioned the public administration system as follows: There are 3 divisions, including 1. Administrative Department 2. The Legislative Assembly and the 3rd Judicial Division, which is similar in the Triathip system These protesters have accepted this constitution, making it 100% eligible But when the royal family was found, then the emperor had to follow the same tradition that was used for a long time.

International relations and organizations

 Currently, the country has requested to join the GUM organization and is looking for foreign members.

Forces and army

There are currently 5 forces: 1. Royal Regiment 2. County troops 3. Police officers 4. Forces for the nation and 5. Royal Guard And there are 3 soldiers 1. Army 2. Air Force 3. Navy

Tradition, tradition and tradition

When approaching the emperor or approaching the royal family, must follow the tradition of kneeling and saying Salute Always, or if a foreigner may be exempt This is a tradition since the establishment of the country.

[Blessing tradition|Blessing tradition]