Emperor of Taihan

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Emperor of Meijing
Kuangwu Emperor.jpg
Kuangwu Emperor

Style His Imperial Majesty
First monarch King Wei (As King of the Wong)
Formation 220 BC

The Emperor of Meijing is the ceremonial monarch in Meijing's system of constitutional monarchy and is the head of the House of Wu (Meijinese Imperial Family) and the symbolic head of state. According to Meijing's constitution, he is "the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people." He is also the highest authority of the Taoist religion in Meijing. Therefore, the Emperor performs Taoist rituals for the people of Meijing.

List of monarchs

Wong Dynasty (legendary)

Reign Portrait Posthumous name Personal name Birth Death
220 BC - 209 BC Wei the Great.jpg Wei the Great Zhao Wei 256 BC 209 BC

Imperial China

List of Chinese rulers

House of Wu

Reign Portrait Posthumous name Personal name Birth Death
2014 - present Kuangwu Emperor.jpg Kuangwu Emperor Wu Liu Kuang
Birth name
Luke Fawcett
(or Luke Walker)
10 June 1998