Emperor of Borealia

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Emperor of Mohawk Empire (formerly DEONQED and Borealia)
Thomas I

Style His Imperial Majesty
Heir presumptive Elective monarchy
First monarch William V
Formation 2010

The Emperor of Borealia, formerly the Emperor of DEONQED, is a secondary title of the monarch holding sovereignty over the Mohawk Empire and/or the now-defunct micronation of DEONQED or the former Adammic colony of Borealia. Since 1 August 2016, this office has been merged with that of the Emperor of the Mohawks. The title comes from the period when the territory of the Mohawk Empire was known as Borealia.


The office of Emperor of DEONQED was created in late 2010 at the time the nation was being established. Will McCracken, the leader of the fledgling micronation, was made Emperor William V. Will oversaw the rise of DEONQED throughout the Corn War and up until 2012, when the Empire entered an inactive period. On 17 October 2012, the office was handed over to Emperor Benjamin I. Ben led a massive military expansion in 2013 which left the Empire very rich, but further decline and inactivity in 2014 led to discontent with his reign.

On 14 July 2014, the former Emperor Will asked for candidates for a new Emperor on the MicroWiki forums, to which Emperor Adam I of the Empire of Adammia responded. One day later, Ben was deposed as he lacked the support of over 50% of the population of DEONQED, and Adam I became the new Emperor. For one week, Adam ruled as the last Emperor of DEONQED, with the micronation in personal union with Adammia. After some discussion with McCracken, Adam issued a joint Decree as Emperor of Adammia and DEONQED (though treated as Adammic legislation and referred to as Imperial Decree XXVII), which made DEONQED into the Adammic territorial claim of Borealia.

Under the terms of Decree XXVII, Adam maintained full authority over Borealia and it became the first time anywhere in Adammia had had an absolute monarch since the adoption of the current Supreme Directive in June 2013. Borealia was placed under military control, with McCracken being appointed General (in reference to the traditional NED title) to manage the territory. However, most decisions taken during this time were the result of joint discussion between Adam and Will. By October 2014, Adam was confident in the Borealian's ability to manage themselves, so he issued Decree XXIX on 30 October 2014, making Borealia a Colony of Adammia and giving McCracken full authority as General. Adam retained the title of Emperor of Borealia and it was considered a part of the Adammic Monarchy.

Adam interfered little with Borealian affairs, except for one notable incident: it emerged in December 2014 that the leadership of the previously defunct Mohawk Nation, which was in the process of being reformed, had been ceremonially merged with the office of Emperor of DEONQED several years previously. This meant that Emperor Adam was technically the current Mohawk Leader, to the dismay of several Mohawk members. Decree XXX was issued on 11 December 2014 to separate the office of Mohawk Leader from that of Emperor of Borealia, returning it to the Borealian members of the Mohawk nation.

After the title of Mohawk Leader was abdicated, it was claimed by Thomas Martin, who promptly founded the Mohawk Empire, causing a diplomatic stand-off with Adammia, though this was soon defused. The status of the Emperor of Borealia remained unchanged until 1 August 2016, when the Borealian Independence Referendum caused Borealia to become independent from the Empire of Adammia. Adam I promptly abdicated and removed his line of succession from the throne (Crown Prince Daniel of Adammia would otherwise have been next in line). The people of Borealia then elected Martin to be their next Emperor. His first act as Emperor was to unify the throne of Borealia with the office of Mohawk Leader, merging Borealia with the Mohawk Empire. He now rules as Emperor of the Mohawks, and retains the title Emperor of Borealia as a secondary title.

Name Portrait Reign Latin title Notes
Emperor of DEONQED
Emperor William V Willmcc.jpeg Late 2010 17 October 2012 Imperator Borealiae I
Emperor Benjamin I Bencain.jpeg 17 October 2012 15 July 2014 Imperator Borealiae II
Emperor of Borealia
Emperor Adam I EmperorOfAdammia2015.jpg 15 July 2014 1 August 2016 Imperator Borealiae III As Emperor of DEONQED from 15–22 July 2014
Emperor of the Mohawks
Emperor Thomas I TomCOA.png 1 August 2016 Incumbent Imperator Borealiae IV

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