Emiel Sebastiaan Hardy

Emiel Sebastiaan Hardy, often going by Emiel Hardy or his online pseudonym oxocero, is a Mahusetan politician, President of Mahuset and former King of Mahuset. Being responsible for the creation of the Kingdom of Ihuset and being a driving force behind the creation of the Kingdom of Mahuset, Royal Unity of Mahuset and the current Confederation of Mahuset, he is often considered to be the founder of Mahuset.

The Right Honourable Gentleman
Emiel Sebastiaan Hardy
Hardy in 2019

A convinced classical liberal, Hardy has been opposed to mass surveillance, has been a proponent of free-market capitalism and the efficient-market hypothesis and has been critical of what he perceives to be left-of-centre partisanship in western legal systems. Hardy is opposed to contemporary progressivism, socialism, communism, feminism, identity politics and what he views as political correctness in the media, deeming these to be made in a spirit of oikophobia, a feature of some, typically left-wing, political impulses and ideologies which espouse xenophilia, i.e. preference for alien cultures. Hardy is an eurosceptic, having advocated for both the Netherlands' and the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union and its eventual dissolution. Hardy is sceptical of government intervention against human caused climate change, instead believing in free-market environmentalism. Hardy supports the direct participation of electorates by initiative, referendum, recall, and dissolution of parliament. Hardy supports liberal policies on abortion, prostitution, human euthanasia, LGBT rights and drug policy.

Hardy is an agnostic atheist, believing that the existence of a deity is either unknowable in principle or currently unknown in fact. He is however sympathetic to Judaeo-Christian values, believing them to be a cornerstone of western civilisation. He similarly doesn't believe in the simulation hypothesis, considering it a more plausible modern interpretation of deities.


  • Emiel Sebastiaan Hardy has a form of rhotacism, meaning he has an inability to pronounce the sound r.