Elysiumite Nationalist Democrats

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Elysiumite Nationalist Democrats
ChairElliot Doe
Party LeaderElliot Doe
Slogan“Elysium First”, “Captial and Labour”
FoundedNovember 23, 2020
Preceded by
  • Union Democrats
  • (First) Democratic Traditionalist
  • Imperial Party
  • Vox Party
HeadquartersJosephina, Elyria
NewspaperNational Tribune
Membership  (2021)20


Political positionCentre to Right Wing
Official colors     Orange and      Blue
Executive Positions
0 / 11
Grand Senate
8 / 34
Regional Senate Seats
7 / 24

The Elysiumite Nationalist Democrats, officially the Elysiumite Nationalist Democratic Party, and also known colloquially as the NatDems, is a political party in Elysium. Ideologically, the Nationalist Democrats sit on the right of the political spectrum. The National Conservatives have been the opposition party since the 2021 I General Election, and hold eight seats in the Grand Senate. The party also has 9 elected members of the various Commonwealth Senate Seats, and holds two out of five regional governorships, although one of these is unelected. The Party is the largest party in the Hiltionian Senate, the second largest in the Elyrian Senate, the second largest in the Ticronvidian Senate, and the second largest in the Daeltherian Parliament.

From its conception to now, the Nationalist Democrats have not been in any governments. Although it’s predecessor the Democratic Traditionalist formed many governments under the leadership of Kyle Smith. The Nationalist Democrats are a relatively new party in Elysium, being founded November 23, 2020, after local Elyrian Senator Elliot Doe spilt off from the Union Democrats. This occurred due to the Democratic Traditionalist joining forces with the Libertarian Party to form the Union Democrats, a more centrist party. The electoral rebellion led by Elliot Doe rapidly grew and within a few weeks the party overtook and absorbed the Union Democrats.

The party was officially founded as the National Conservative Party, although it was recently revamped due to a wish to adopt a more similar style to conservative Chancellor Kyle Smith, the last conservative to hold a nation wide office.


Democratic Tradintionalist

The Nationalist Democrats are often times considered to be the successors to the Democratic Traditionalist. Elysium’s first party to believe in Elysiumite Conservatism, the DTs led by Kyle Smith where for quite some time Elysium’s largest party. The party displaced the far right Vox Party in the first Chancellor election in which Kyle Smith won 60% of the vote. Kyle Smith is highly regarded as one of Elysium’s best major leaders, alongside Robert Smith and Adam Johnston. The Democratic Traditionalist won the Chancellorship three consecutive times, but in the third Chancellor election Kyle Smith made an alliance with the rising Libertarian-Progressive Party and made Tau Deputy Chancellor. Kyle Smith resigned from the Chancellorship, citing mental health reasons, and as such the Democratic Traditionalist lost the Chancellor ship for the first time. About a month later in the first midterms Tau faced Kyle Smith was back and led a blue wave (the color of the DTs) to the Senate resulting in them controlling 60% of Senate seats. Kyle Smith was elected Speaker soon after. This led to Tau calling for an emergency election for the Chancellorship, which he narrowly won against Christopher Miller. Although Tau’s second term was shortlived as failure to spark economic growth led to a sharp downturn in popularity and Tau hit a 12% approval rating, the lowest in Elysiumite history. Soon after he announced he would be not seek a second term. Before the next Chancellor election the Democratic Traditionalist merged with the Libertarian faction of the Libertarian-Progressives to form the Reform Party led by Kyle Smith.

Under the tenure of Kyle Smith the Democratic Traditionalist had a variety of of achievements. The most notable of which was the completion of the first Elysiumite constitution and the number of citizens growing x20 of what it was.