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Elinore Prefecture
Vaonakurói Elinoras
Banner of the Free City of Elinore.png
Arileon nae Izuureon
(Lycene: "Garden of the West")
EYR-SiV location.png
Location of Elinore in Sabia and Verona
Country Sabia and Verona
Region Sabia
Government Prefecture in an autonomous region
- Prefect Raphaël Rivière (Liberal)
Languages Sabian • Lycene
Establishment 2013
Population 20 (2015)
Time zone UTC-4:30

The Elinore Prefecture or simply Elinore (Sabian: Vaonakurói Elinoras; Lycene: Arcaeedrax nae Elinor) is one of the four prefectures in the Sabian Region of Sabia and Verona. It was the largest prefecture by population and territory until 2017, when the city of Caenia became its own prefecture, and north-western parts of Elinore were given to Bal.

It was originally founded as the Free City of Elinore by Prime Minister of Sabia and Verona Osez Kóvérsz. The prefecture houses over 80% of Sabia and Verona's green areas, making it one of the most important regions of the Kingdom. It is known as the "Garden Region" (axArileon Veedrax in Lycene) or the "City of Gardeners" (Paaxocaermiariin Lox). Historically, the prefecture's official language has been Lycene, opposed to the Sabian commonly used across the region.


The Prefecture of Elinore is named for the Free City of Elinore (Elinor Lox), which ceased to be a subdivision of the prefecture in 2017 with the territorial divisions reform. The City of Elinore was named for Elynor ("Elinore" is an anglicised form of the Anconic Lycene "Elynor"), a Valtirian mythological goddess who gave birth to King Árigo Sunfire, son of the fire god Darmos. There are also other figures in the Lycene mythology who carry the name of Elinor, most notably Elinor the Rat, a Naaxari queen regnant of the Sixth Dynasty, and Elinor Sunfire, princess of the Sunfire Dynasty, daughter of Árigo and founder of the Elinorean branch of the Sunfire lineage.


Morning glory (Ipomoea sp.) in Veseegion, 2014.

It was founded in 2013 taking territory from the Sabioveronese capital municipality of Salisse, and thus is the youngest and so far smallest town of the Juclandian region. The city was divided from Salisse to avoid overpopulation in the capital, and to serve as Osez Kóvérsz' government "touristic utopia" project. The city, that originally comprised the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th districts of Salisse, is officially considered a "free city", meaning that it is not attached to any Municipality, being the first entity of such kind in Sabia and Verona (the second being the city of Puerto Luna in Lycem).

On February 1, 2013, the city became the only regional subdivision of Sabia and Verona to adopt a local flag or ensign, when Lt. Secretary Seaworth commissioned the adoption of an Elinore variant of the wiphala. This was seen as an edgy move from the then Free Suyu Front as the wiphala was commonly used as FSF insignia.

On August 2014 the Free City of Elinore and the Municipality of Caenia were annexed together as one big Prefecture, alongside a small portion of the territory of Bal de Or, and it became the Elinore Prefecture. Caenia was chosen as its capital for being the main city in its territory. The territory of what used to be the Free City was subdivided into the Parishes of Veseegion, Elinor Lox (or Elinore City) and Anebrán.

In 2017, a territorial divisions reform was passed by Parliament that erased municipalities as a legal form of subdivision. The reform also restored Caenia as an autonomous prefecture, and gave back the north-eastern sections of Elinore to Bal. This made Elinore lose most of its population, and its status as the largest prefecture by territory.