Elections in Uris

Elections in the Uris, are held in general elections. General elections elect all members of the Urian Duma of Peoples of Uris (MEs), and are open to all full citizens of the nation. They use party list proportional representation, implemented by a variation of the United States Electoral College which allows for preferential voting. MEs have a maximum term length of two years, to allow for any delays that may arise in calling a regular tri-annual election. Elections are called and organized by the State Elder and Tsarina.

Electoral Commission of Uris
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Emblem of the Electoral Commission of Uris
Ministry overview
Formed26 September 2021
Minister responsible


Even though the national popular vote is calculated by Bluenoser Media Cooperation and the Urian Government, the people only indirectly elect the MEs. The Members of the Urian Duma of Peoples are elected by the Electoral College, which consists of the ten electors from the four districts of Uris. Electors are nominated by a party and pledged to vote for their party's candidates. Each region require an elector to vote for the candidate to which the elector is pledged, and most electors do regardless, but some "faithless electors" have voted for other candidates or refrained from voting.

A candidate must receive an absolute majority of electoral votes (currently ten) to win a majority in the Urian Duma of Peoples. If no party receives a majority in the election for the Urian Duma of Peoples, the election is determined via a coalition between the parties.

Political Parties

Party Logo Party Leader Membership Ideology Urian Duma Regional Seats
Parties Represented in the Urian Ecclesia
North-Red Party of Uris NRP   Andromeda the Fish 3 Communitarian Arborism, Socialism
2 / 6
1 / 8
Urian Free Libertarians UFL   Renenet the Fish 2 Libertarianism
1 / 6
0 / 8
Democratic Party DEM   Spider the Spider Plant 2 Modern liberalism
1 / 6
0 / 8
Urian Catholic League UCL   Rojo the Lobster 9 Conservatism
2 / 6
2 / 8
Parties Represented in regional legislatures
Pyrostani Turkmen Party PTP   Andromeda the Fish 1 Progressivism
New Nationalism
A regional party of the North-Red Party of Uris
1 / 8
Pirate League UPL   Ruby the Dog 4 Libertarianism
Modern liberalism
A unified government of the UFL and DEMs
4 / 8

National elections (2021 - Present)

Election Winner Runner Up Runner Up Turnout Notes
Name Party Votes % Name Party Votes % Name Party Votes %
2021 Pearl NRP 5 55% Renenet UFP 2 22% Spider DEM 2 22% 100% The BMP and PCC unified into the NRP following the announcement of the establishment of a socialist government. The DEM has announced their opposition to this proposal and has been seen as a opposition only party following the UFL announcing their support for the NRP and their proposal. The NRP wins the most seats in the Ecclesia with a coalition government with the UFP announced, Renenet the Fish, a UFP is sworn in as Chancellor.

Special elections (2021 - Present)

Election Winner Turnout Notes
Name Party Votes %
2021 Rojo & Cottontail Peter UCL 9 100% 100% Following the first decree of the Tsarina, plush citizens were approved to become citizens of the nation, with the District of Mount Kineo established for said citizens. The Urian Catholic League was established and won both seats up for election.