Elec s.p.a., is the most important Luxe company for the production, distribution and acquisition of electricity, as well as being the company with the second-highest income in the entire Luxe Republic.

Government-owned company
FounderLuca mirante
Area served
Governatorato di Luxe
Key people
Luca mirante CEO
ProductsElectricity, electricity control, electricity product
L 120'500 ($ 13.45) (FY 2018-19)
L 10'000 ($ 1.81) (FY 2018-19)


The company was founded by Luca Mirante, to better manage the numerous energy resources that luxe owned and used. For this the company has had many investments and has bought almost all the power plants.

The staircase to the summit

The numerous purchases were a real success, as the income was greater than the numerous releases. In 2018, Elec entered the stock market and in a few weeks, reached the summit. This is why there are many citizens 'investments in this company, which increased its importance not only for the management of the electrical asset, but also because it increased investors' money.

The Summit and the Battle

Elec, which reached the top of the Luxese stock market, has invested in new technological forms and is still investing in renewable energy sources. Meanwhile, the Luxe Bank, in second place, was pursuing it in income, creating a real battle of investments, also called The Luxe Stock Exchange Battle. On May 25, 2019, Elec was overtaken by the Luxe Bank on the stock exchange.