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Capital cityEast Noelamsterdam
Largest cityFrankopolis, Northwest Federal
GovernmentFederal Republic (self-governing territories and federal areas)
Population7 (including citizens living abroad)
CurrencyMicroEuro (defacto)) none at federal level
Time zoneGMT +3

The Federal Republic of East Evinsa, commonly known as East Evinsa (Doğu Evinsa) is a micronation located in eastern Mediterranean consisting of two states (Mainland and Northwest Federal), three federal districts and a self-governing territory. East Evinsa is one of the member states of European Union of Micronations. Justice Council and Security Council of European Union of Micronations are located in East Noelamsterdam and their branches are also found in Frankopolis and Ozermanchetser

East Evinsa established by division of Evinsa. Evinsa is a home in the eastern Mediterranean. In this home, a dog and humans were not treated equally for a long time and after that the president of East Evinsa supported the idea of division to create a free space for dog community. East Evinsa established on 22nd of July 2017 at the capital city; East Noelamsterdam.

Today, East Evinsa has many ministries from education to trade, health to justice. Ministry of National Education created a curriculum for dog education with the partnership of trainers of Dogmental Nicosia School because dogs and humans have the equals right instead of past discriminations happened in the Evinsa. That was just an example how our government works carefully and thoughtful to it's citizens. As a second example , transportation between capital (East Noelamsterdam) and Frankopolis (capital of Northwest Federal) which is 33,3 KM far from capital is free.Transportation to federal area is made through the vehicles of Ministry of Transport and Communication.

The mainland builded in 2011 but Frankopolis city which is capital of Northwest Federal as I mentioned above has 150 years old history which is an approved information by the investigators of East Evinsa Ministry of Culture.

East Evinsa has 12 ministries such as East Evinsa Ministry of National Education , East Evinsa Ministry of Trade , East Evinsa Ministry of Interior , East Evinsa Ministry of Foreign Affairs , East Evinsa Ministry of Health , East Evinsa Ministry of Transport and Communication , East Evinsa Ministry of Culture , East Evinsa Ministry of Farm and Rural Development , East Evinsa Ministry of Environment and Urbanization , East Evinsa Ministry of Justice , East Evinsa Ministry of Family , Social Security and Social Affairs and East Evinsa Ministry of Finance.

Some of the towns and cities of East Evinsa are listed below;

East Noelamsterdam, Frankopolis, Hinterhof, Ozermanchester, Longland, Rivera, Alps, Atlantinopolis, Konnektopol, Çiğzerland,

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Northwest Federal

Northwest is a federal state under East Evinsa.Capital of Northwest is Frankopolis.Frankopolis is also the largest city of East Evinsa.

Frankopolis was a part of traditional house management as well but we took it from them and made the managers president of Frankopolis.They still manages every part as traditional house and garden but Frankopolis is managed under East Evinsa reglation so when they achieve an order from East Noelamsterdam they do not have right to reject.Beside this they are responsible to apply federal laws of Northwest covered with East Evinsa law.

Transportation in Northwest made by on food and by vehicles of East Evinsa Ministry of Transport and Communication.Northwest Federal Civil Transport Office has a center in Frankopolis motorway where vehicles leave to start a journey to East Noelamsterdam (Mainland) or to the Alps (Northwest)

Northwest made up by three cities which are Alps or Alpmark , Frankopolis and Rivere

Northwest has a great production and internal business system.

Alps has olive tress where people from Frankopolis collect and take to the Frankopolis to turn them into olive oils and eatable olives. in the Frankopolis Olive Trade Center.

.Frankopolis is the largest city of East Evinsa and center of Northwest Federal Transport Inc and many other construction and production companies.Frankopolis has the highest production level of whole Evinsa with the business and production centers.

Rivera has mushrooms and experts from Frankopolis go and collect them. (experts needed to detect if a mushroom is poisonous or not.)

Northwest Federal hosts many wild snakes as a result of a rich wildlife diversity. This snakes has two types which are unpoisonous and poisonous.In the case of emergency the case should be reported to the governor.

Investigators did a research by East Evinsa Ministry of Culture and they figured out that the locals came here 45 years ago thorugh the immigration because of division of Cyprus caused by Cyprus conflict.When they came they found many hsitorical buildings , walls , structures and goods in many places of Northwest which belongs to people who and whose ancestry lived there for another many years.

Northwest Federal is the center of production , farming and gardening.

Some statistical research results are mentioned below about Northwest from ministry resources of East Evinsa Statistics Office (E-STAT)

East Evinsa Ministry of Farm and Rural Development found out that 85% of farming and gardening activities take place in Northwestern cities.

East Evinsa Ministry of Trade 's Federal Department of Intercity Trade found out that Northwest exports to the Mainland around 75% and imports from Mainland around 25% or less which means production is more productive and regular in the Northwest , thanks to Federal Departments.

East Evinsa Ministry of Environment and Urbanization's Federal Department of Wildlife announced that all snake cases of East Evinsa is seen in the Northwest.

East Evinsa Ministry of Family , Social Security and Social Affairs announced that social problems and crime rates are low in the whole Northwest.

Occupied Territories

There are at least three occupied territories in East Evinsa which are illegally taken by the western part.

As an example, city center of Hinterhof is occupied by western part despite of common agreement announced in 2017. According to this agreement that two sides accepted to obey, Hinterhof (West Evinsa language: Arka Taraf) is an official part of East Evinsa which is described as an official residental area for dog community of Evinsa.

One of the main reasons that East Noelamsterdam called "east" in the beginning was because the occupation in the western parts of the city. Western of the city was an official dog residental area for specific hours of the week. Dog community of Evinsa spent five years in that towns and provinces.