Earl Irwin of Ballybane

The Earldom of Irwin of Ballybane is a hereditary title and earldom created in the Peerage of Royal Roscam on 11 October 2021, as an honour for James Irwin, former President of Roscamistan, a week after the creation of the hereditary title of Viscount Mervustan, created for Evan Irwin, second Prime Minister of Mervustan,

Earldom of Irwin of Ballybane
Creation date 2021
Created by Andrew Brotherton as Prince Regent of the Kingdom
Peerage Peerage of Barnland (current)
Peerage of Royal Roscam (former)
First holder James Irwin
Present holder James Irwin, first Earl Irwin of Ballybane
Heir apparent the Sister of the first Earl
Remainder to the first Earl’s Heirs male of the body lawfully begotten and special remainder to the sister of the first Earl.
Subsidiary titles Baron Terryland, Baronet Irwin

It has special remainder to the sister of the 1st Earl in case of the unfortunate event the first Earl has no legitimate male heirs, and if the sister is still alive at the time of death, she shall assume the earldom, and her heirs shall be eligible to inherit the title