Earl Clusky of Lochrey

The Earldom of Clusky of Lochrey is an hereditary title of nobility formerly in the Peerage of Royal Roscam, now in the Peerage of Barnland. It was created for the former Vice President of Roscamistan Kayden Conboy in 2021, who also currently holds the title.

Earldom of Clusky of Lochrey
Creation date 2021
Created by Andrew Brotherton as Prince Regent of the Kingdom
Peerage Peerage of Barnland (current)
Peerage of Royal Roscam (former)
First holder Kayden Conboy
Present holder Kayden Conboy
Heir apparent None
Remainder to the 1st Earl’s Heirs male of the body lawfully begotten
Subsidiary titles Viscount Conboy