Dukian Sheka

Duke's currency is the Sheka. One Sheka is equivalent to $0.20 USD. They are produced by the Bank of Duke, from which printed banknotes are redistributed. The Bank of Duke produces the quantity of Sheka banknotes assigned to it, puts them into circulation, withdraws worn notes, takes part in the search for and experimentation of new security features and contributes to the definition of common standards for the quality of the notes in circulation and the fight against counterfeiting.

Dukian Sheka
Official usersPrincipality of Duke
Unofficial usersNone
Pegged toUS Dollar (five Shekas per Dollar)
CoinsNone anymore
Banknotes0.10 Sheka, 0.20 Sheka,0.50 Sheka, 1 Sheka, 5 Sheka,10 Sheka, 20 Sheka, 50 Sheka, 100 Sheka, 500 Sheka, 1,000 Sheka, and 10,000 Sheka
Central bankBank of Duke
PrinterBank of Duke
MintBank of Duke
Reverse side of old Dukian Sheka 100 bill

Special edition

Duke issues commemorative currency upon occasion. The newest commemorative issue was printed to celebrate 1 year of independence. In late 2018 2 days after the 1 year independence day anniversary, the government designed new banknotes and printed them out. They are more useful than the older ones and they are newer and have better designs.


It is used in the Principality of Duke.


The only way to get Shekas is by visiting Duke. There are no strict currency regulations for foreigners. One must declare items or currency worth over 50,000 Shekas (10,000 USD) to customs upon arrival.

Denomination Obverse Portrait
1 Sheka   None
5 Sheka   Tom Kap
10 Sheka   Owen Shorland
20 Sheka   Nicolás Millán
50 Sheka   Tom Yusuf Kap visiting Kingdom of Auvenum Kamuda Peninsula
100 Sheka   Tom Kap holding stone used to mark Jazhir and Kamuda Peninsula border