Duke of Tremur

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Dukedom of Cascadia
Arms of the Duke of Tremur.svg
Coat of arms of the 1st, and current Duke
Blazon Argent a hurt
Creation date 2017
Created by John I
Peerage Peerage of Baustralia
First holder Patrick Garofano, 1st Duke of Tremur
Present holder Patrick Garofano
Remainder to the 1st Duke's heirs male of the body lawfully begotten.

Duke of Tremur in the County of Holderton in the Province of Holderton, named after the former province of Tremur, Baustralia, is a title that has been created once. The current holder is Patrick Garofano, 1st Duke of Tremur.

List of officeholders

2017 creation

Created by John I of Baustralia
Name Period Duchess Notes Other titles
Patrick Garofano, 1st Duke of Tremur