Duke of Quinntania

The Duke of Quinntania is the title awarded to the leader of the Quinntanian Territory of Myrotania. The title is bestowed by the Emperor of Myrotania (Incumbent: Thomas I). The title of Duke also means that the citizen is knighted into the Order of the Yellow Dragons.

Dukedom of Quinntania
Creation date 06 May 2015
Created by H.I.M. Thomas I
Peerage Order of the Yellow Dragons
First holder His Grace, Duke Ralf
Present holder His Grace, Duke Ralf

Like all Dukes of the Order of the Yellow Dragons, the Duke of Ceres is to addressed with Your Grace and referred to as His Grace.

List of Emperors

# Picture Name Granted office Left office Political ideology
HG, Duke Ralf
6 May 2015
Trade Unionist (W70 Nuenen)

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