Duckionary, or the The Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary, is a micronation formed on 24 August 2018 by Arthur C. Woldan, its current head of state. The nation possesses a liberal constitution that supports a parliamentary form of government, led by interior minister Fabius M. Woldan. Consisting of approximately 22 citizens, the micronation claims a total area of some 0.45 sq. km. The capital is Duckionary City, and the official languages are German, English, Latin and Esperanto. Other regional languages spoken by citizens are Spanish, French and Portuguese. The currency is the Plush Pound, and the national anthem is "Our Fatherland." The national holiday falls on 24 August, the day the country was formed.

The Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary
Flagge.duy.png Flag
Coat of Arms of Duckionary.png
Coat of arms

Tolerance in society must guarantee every citizen the freedom to believe what they want.
Our Fatherland
4,35 sq. km in Austria, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Italy and Czech Republic
Capital cityDuckionary City
Official language(s)German, English, Latin, Esperanto
GovernmentMonarchy, Democracy
- PresidentArthur C. Woldan
- Interior MinisterFabius M. Woldan
Established24 August 2018
CurrencyPlush Pound
National sportGolf
National drinkOrangina
National animalKiwi


Duckionary is active in the micronational community, and has recently entered the English-speaking micronational community by way of membership in the Grand Unified Micronational, along with numerous other regional and general-purpose organizations. It is also a supporting state of the Union Against Micronational War. The nation also maintains a varied footprint on the Internet that serves as outreach to potential citizens and partners (see below).

Duckionary and Foundland are working together to turn a 0.45 square kilometer Terra Nullius on the Danube between Serbia and Croatia into a sovereign state. More on the website.

The state also claims an area of 3.9 square kilometers in Marradi, Toskane, Italy. The valley is a Duckionary nature reserve.

Duckionary also maintains a six-man army in case of defense.

National Emblems

The national flag of Duckionary is a black, red, and blue tricolor with horizontal stripes.

Duckionary's coat of arms features a cockatoo, kiwi, ginko leaf, crown and scales of justice.


Duckionary maintains TV and radio stations online on YouTube. These services may be accessed by the public at Micronation Duckionary.

Foreign relations


Duckionary is a member of multiple international organizations. Regional organizations Duckionary observes or participates in include the Austrian Micronational Union and the UMCE. Duckionary intends to use its activity in these groups to reinforce its local presence and strengthen bilateral relations.

Additionally, Duckionary actively participates in numerous general-purpose organizations. Among these, Duckionary is currently a provisional member of the GUM. Other organizations that Duckionary is involved in are: The Micronational Greens and Ecologists.

Duckionary is also a signatory state of the Union Against Micronational War. Additionally, it is also a participant in the MicroVision contest. Duckionary is also one of the organizers of the European Micronational Summit Vienna 2022. Finally, it plans to attend MicroCon 2022 in Las Vegas.

Bilateral Relations

Duckionary maintains embassies in Portugal, Germany, India, Malta, Serbia, South Africa, Italy and Chile.. Furthermore, Duckionary retains active diplomacy with the following micronations, with more to be added as the page is expanded:

United Republic of Obscurium

Aerican Empire

The countries of Molossia and Duckionary are informal friends

Republic of Bartonia

Kingdom of Zubey


Greater Rovian Empire

Confederation of the Northern Coast



External contacts & websites

  • E-Mail:
  • Discord: Duckionary#0533