Duchy of Srnieck

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The Duchy of of Srnieck (Slovak: Srniecke vojvodstvo) is one of the five member states of the Heiliges Romishes Reich des Deutschen und Slavischen Volker. It is located in central Europe.

Duchy of Srnieck
Srnkien flag.png
Languages spoken Slovak
Date founded 9th September 2011
Population 1
Demonym Srnkian
Governor Sona I


The area became a Duchy on the 9th September 2011.


 The most only river is the Srnkava, flowing from northwest to southeast. The major hills include the  foothills  of Aarenberg hill, the Šipkový hill and the Predmostský hill.

Important settlements

The imost important settlements include: Srnčie Chvostíky-the capital, Srnčie Predmostie and Šipkovo.


Srnkian highways

The Srnkian highway system is composed of three highways, known as D1,D2 and D3.

Name of


start end length number of exits
D1 Šipkovo Srnčie Chvostíky 1,20 km 6
D2 Šipkovský Priesmyk  Šipkovo 0,26 km 2
D3 Srnčie Chvostíky Aanberský Priesmyk 0,50 km 4

Srnkian motorways

There is one motorway in Srnieck, called M1, with 5 exits.It is located in the far north of the country.