Duchy of Snow Hill

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Duchy of Snow Hill (Dutch) Hertogdom Snow Hill
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Government: Parliamentary Monarchy
Location: Antarctica
Language: Dutch (Belgium)/ English
Leader: Duke James of Snow Hill, Baron of Roulais
Micronation: Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
Website:: Website

The Duchy of Snow Hill was part of the Flandrensisian Overseas Territory and is located on Snow Hill Island in Antarctica. Snow Hill was disbanded on 30 April 2016 when Flandrensis decided to remove their overseas territories.


The Duchy of Snow Hill was original part of the United Antarctica Colonies and granted to Flandrensis after the dissolution of the UAC in 2010.

On November 27, 2010 Duke James separated the Duchy in three baronies:

  • Barony of Snow Orange
  • Barony of Snow Mill
  • Barony of Snow Sun

And as of May 2, 2011 Duke James has consolidated all three of the baronies back under the title of Duke of Snow Hill.


The Duchy of Snow Hill has a form of autonomy, but is loyal to the government of Flandrensis and its constitution. The Flandrensisian Parliament appointed Baron James of Roulais as the Duke of Snow Hill. He was also the head of state and founder of the Prosia of Angador.

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