Duchy of Firburg

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Duchy of Firburg
Firburské vévodství
"Firburk-ko vajval

Flag of Firburg.svgFirburg coat.png

All as one (Czech: Všichni jako jeden)
Firburg for everyone (Czech: Firburk pro každého)
Capital cityMalý Kuklík
Official language(s)Czech, Firburg
Short nameFirburg
GovernmentSemi-constitutional monarchy
- DukeŠtěpán Kutnix I.
Established16 october 2020
Area claimed0,326 km²
CurrencyCzech crown
Time zoneUTC+1
National animalWild Rabbit

The Duchy of Firburg (Czech: Firburské vévodství, Firburgian: Firburk-ko vajval) is a micro-nation in Central Bohemia near the town of Kutná Hora in Czech republic. It was proclaimed on 16th October 2020 at 9:21 pm as a semi-constitutional monarchy. Štěpán Kutnix I became the duke, his official coronation is still planned and the duke will announce the date of the coronation when everything is ready. Contact: firburk@seznam.cz


The idea for the creation of Firburg was born around the turn of September and October 2020. Originally, it was to be located on several plots of land near the village of Záboří nad Labem, more specifically near a part of the village called Habrkovice. Subsequently, the future Duke decided to change its future location to two hills near Kutná Hora - Malý and Velký Kuklík. On 16th October 2020 at 9:21 pm, the Duchy of Firburg was proclaimed on the Czech MicroWiki discord server with the Charter of Independence of the Duchy of Firburg. On the second of December 2020, a third region named Kaňk was annexed after a referendum.

The new constitution

On 14 June 2021, after more than a month of negotiations on the new constitution, which was caused by incipient inactivity that grew to a stage of more than a month of inactivity of the Senate during the negotiations, the new constitution came into force. This gave the Duke, for example, veto power, abolished the Senate, which was replaced by the Ducal Council. A state of emergency also came into force for 14 days, simply to amend the laws to make them technically equivalent to the current state of affairs. The state of emergency was then extended until 5 September because it was encountered by the minor inability of the Ducal Council to meet in the summer.

Political system

The country is a semi-constitutional monarchy. The Duke can propose laws, as can the Ducal Council, of which every citizen of the country is a member. If the Duke does not veto a law, the law is signed by him and can come into force.


There is de facto no culture in the country, but the Duke has created a language called Firburgian which will be the cornerstone of Firburg's culture in the future.

Nature and geography

The surface of the land is fairly uniform, with most of Firburg being uneven, as there are two peaks - Malý Kuklik and Velký Kuklik. Malý Kuklík is 359 m above sea level and Velký Kuklík is three metres lower (356 m above sea level). The area of Malý Kuklík and Velký Kuklík is covered with mixed forest, but the area of Kaňk is covered with meadow, limestone rocks and also some coniferous forest.

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