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|align="center" colspan="2"|<big>'''Duchy of Edmount'''</big><hr />
|align="center" colspan="2"|<big>'''Duchy of Edmount'''</big><hr />

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Duchy of Edmount

Languages spoken English

Area .013km2

Duke Prince Aaron of Überstadt

Citizens 6
Residents 4

As Edmount District 6 March 2010
As duchy 18 November 2011

The Duchy of Edmount or Edmount is the only present duchy of the Kingdom of Überstadt. It is named after Edmount Island, the island within Lake Ballinger, Washington that constituted the original territory of Überstadt. Known under the kritarchy as the Edmount District, it was renamed when the terminology for first-level subdivision was changed from the district to the duchy with the institution of the monarchy. Today, Edmount is divided into the Barony of Ballinger, encompassing Edmount Island and a portion of the surrounding lake, and the Barony of Rosewood, consisting of the Royal Residency and the plot of land upon which it sits. Prince Aaron of Überstadt is the ceremonial Duke of Edmount.


See also History of Überstadt

Because Edmount consists of almost all Überstadti territory, its history reflects that of the whole country. The territory it covers was heavily forested during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as part of the Oregon Territory, and later the American state of Washington. The city of Mountlake Terrace was built on its current site as the primary economic activity of the area shifted from forestry to small-scale agriculture. When Überstadt was formed in 2010, the island in the center of Lake Ballinger, the city's main body of water, was claimed under the new constitution. The island and a portion of the surrounding waters were named the Edmount District, to which Mountlake Terrace High School was later added. After the November Revolution against Chief Judge Daniel Radcliffe which led to the organization of the Kingdom, the territory was renamed the Duchy of Edmount. The duchy was expanded for the second time in February 2013, with the addition of the Royal Residency as the Barony of Rosewood. The Barony of Terrace, consisting of the school, was later ceded back to the United States, and Rosewood became the capital.


The Duchy of Edmount is divided into two baronies. The first of these is the Barony of Ballinger, which includes the original territorial claims of Überstadt. The only land in Ballinger is three-acre Edmount Island, a peat island upon which a scattering of trees and dense underbrush grow. The portion of Lake Ballinger that falls within this barony is the only aquatic territory claimed by Überstadt. Because of Ballinger's low elevation and its being surrounded by water, it is typically the coldest part of the country. Seth, King of the Band Room is the Baron of Ballinger.

The third and smallest barony is the Barony of Rosewood. Rosewood incorporates the Royal Residency and the property upon which it is situated. It is lightly wooded, with more natural growth to the east of the Royal Residency and more cultivation to the west. This western portion is home to the majority of Überstadti agriculture. Rosewood acts as the national capital, with the seat of government being located in the Residency. The Baroness of Rosewood is King Mother Kara.


As a duchy of Überstadt, Edmount's citizens have the right to vote on laws that apply only to their duchy, as well as to elect officials to enact these laws. Local laws may not contradict national law, however, as the Kingdom is a unitary state; all governmental power at the level of duchies and baronies is delegated from Parliament. The ceremonial figurehead of the duchy is the Duke of Edmount, a title held by the heir to the throne.