Dual Monarchy of Davetopia and Emiri

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Dual Monarchy of Davetopia and Emiri
January 1st, 2010- May 5th, 2010
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Location: Trussville Sector
Area claimed: 1 acre
Population: 4
Leadership: Dave Gomez and Emilee Richards
Language: English
Demonym: Davetopian or Emirite
Currency: US dollar
Religion: Secular
Succeded by: Confederation of Awesome

The Dual Monarchy of Davetopia and Emiri was a micronation that existed in the Trussville Sector from January 1st, 2010, to May 5th, 2010. It was disestablished when the monarchy proved ineffective, prompting the government to reform into the Confederation of Awesome.


The Dual Monarchy was founded on January 1st, 2010, by Dave Gomez, and Emilee Richards. Both had an interest in micronationalism, and had tried less legitimate micronations before the foundation of the Dual Monarchy. It declared itself independent, and through royal proclaimations, the government and laws of the nation were set up. It expanded to its height of four citizens by March 2010. Interest within the nation was running low, and so the Monarchs decided to reform the governement to boost activity in the nation. The Absolute Monarchy was reformed into a directory, which became official with the signing of the Declaration of Confederation on March 5th, 2010. During its existence as a micronation, the Dual Monarchy maintained strict neutrality in all international issues.

Administrative Divisions

The nation was divided into two Kingdoms, each ruled by a Monarch. Davetopia was further supdivided into two Duchies, one lead by Gomez and another by Nick Brown. The Duchy of Nonsense was given full status as a province of the future Confederation of Awesome.

Kingdom of Davetopia

The Kingdom of Davetopia was one of the two kingdoms of the Dual Monarchy, and was largely dominant, spanning half an acre and consisting of three citizens. For it's entire existence, it was lead by HRM Dave I, who still holds the title of King of Davetopia in the sucessor province of the Confederation.

Duchy of Awesome

The Duchy of Awesome was the dominant Duchy of Davetopia, consisting of Davetopia City, the cultural, political, and administrative capitol of the Kingdom. The Declaration of Confederation was aprooved in the Duchy, which may to the naming of the Confederation of Awesome. The title "Duke of Awesome" was merged with the title "King of Davetopia" upon the creation of the Confederation, mostly because it would seem like the title of an overall ruler of the Confederation.

Duchy of Nonsense

The Duke of Nonsense consisted of the home of Nick Brown, a friend of Dave Gomez who wanted his home to be apart of the Dual Monarchy. It was included in the nations territory upon secession on January 1st. Originally, the Duke of Nonsense was King Dave Gomez, however, in the interest of expanding the status of royalty to new citizens, he passed a declaration abdicating the title of Duke at 12:00am, 1 March 2010, giving Nick Brown the status of a royal. The Duchy of Nonsense is today Nickoli, and was granted provincehood in the Declaration of Confederation to allow a tiebreaking third member of the Executive Council.

Kingdom of Emiri

The Kingdom of Emiri was the second Kingdom of the Dual Monarchy, lead by Queen Emilee I. The kingdom's royal titles and styles have no sucessor, as all monarchist elements of the Kingdom were abolished upon it's transition to an anarchist province of the Confederation.