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Draegan Republic of Canada

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The 'Borden Islands' claim consists of three unpopulated islands in Northern Canada as well as their smaller sattelite islands.

Dorzhabadic Canada
Languages spoken English,French, Draegir

Area 3,323 Mi2

Inherited from Duchy of Coqueland
Jurisdiction Dorzhabadic Government
Governor Unassigned

Foundation 6th of August, 2011

Websites Official Website

Borden Island - 1,079.2 sq mi
Mackenzie King Island - 1,949 sq m
Brock Island - 295 sq mi

These 3 uninhabited Islands form what is known as Draegir-Kanada, (Dorzhabadic Canada), and presents a worthwhile investment for the future, when the means are available to the Republic, Dorzhabad will attempt to physically occupy this area