Dr. Henry Blankenship J.D.

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Dr. Henry Blankenship J.D. is the Premier and founder of The Most Serene Peoples Democratic Republic of the Provinces and Greater Confederates of Henristan. He is also leader of the nations main political party the Henristan Party.


Before his founding of Henristan Blankenship often engaged in mock wars with other children generally over playsets or a specific tree. Eventually He founded the Kingdom of Henrica, his first micronation (but at the time he didn't consider it that). Several wars were fought until he gained affiliation with the Kingdom of the Monkey Republic, a nation run by several friends from school.


In the first grade (2013) Henry founded henrastan without any land claims (it wasn't officially founded until 2015). The attempts to gain land took a very long time until Blankenship acquired Coleman Hill park which was later lost in the 40 Minutes War. After the victory in the Henristani Manifesto War Henry had, at least among friends established a reputation as a military leader (and to some an evil dictator). Eventually Blankenship claimed the area known to most citizens of macon, ga amerson river park establishing the bulk of his land territory. In 2018 he annexed his house as part of Bowman Capital Administration Territory adding himself as a permanent resident of his nation. As of 2019 he visited his bulk of land every weekend and went to his house in Vladimirgorod every other week he also is a frequenter to visiting other nations in the Eastern Federation of Socialist States and extremely recently he paid visit to Jahootsawhatsit for the failed Backshlema Convention.