Diyar-i Hussain

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Diyar-i Hussain
—  Department of Qaragüliyyah  —
Country Nedlando-Khorașan
Constituent country Khorașan
Vəlāyat Qaragüliyyah
Created 8 July 2017
Founder Ali Haydar Khan
Capital Diyar-i Hussain
 - Beg None
Population (16 August 2017)
 - Total 9
Demonym Diyari

Diyar-i Hussain, previously known as simply Qaragüliyyâh, is a city and department of Qaragüliyyah in Nedlando-Khorasan. It is the traditional capital of Khorașan as well, and the residence of the Khagan-Shahanshah.