Districts of Garagstan

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This article is about the Districts of the Principality of Garagstan. There are 7 districts in Garagstan, they are:

  • Chase
  • Elsden
  • Princes
  • Princes Gate
  • Sofa City
  • North End
  • Princes Field

Distict Rankings

The district ranking a ranking system used to determine the best nation in 3 main sectors:

  • Leadership

The larger the district, the harder it is for its chairman to control it. The best controlled district is best.

  • Population

Largest population wins.

  • Environment

The more environmentally friendly a district is, the better.

November 2010 Rankings

The first ranking will be published during November 2010.

Chase District

Chase District is the northern-most District in Garagstan and is also the 4th largest. The district borders Elsden and Sofa

Chase Outlined in Black

city and it contains Garagstans largest settlement, Chase Cottage. Inside the District is a private gravel road which runs the entire length of Chase and has driveways to the chases other settlements, Bungalow, Y Villa and W Villa. It has a pedestrian gate/toll linking it the Elsden. It is also the only district to not have the Garag bird on its flag.


Political Seat: No. 002

Party: Home Party.

Elsden District

Elsden District, otherwise known as The Home of Garagstan is home to the Government offices and President

Elsden outlined in black

Kenny Harber. It also holds Garagstan Playing Field and is the 3rd largest District. It was annexed during the 1st great annexation, seeing Sofa City district extend to Elsden and Chase. The distict contains a short tarmac road which runs along the middle of Elsden. It links onto Burnham Road, crossing over the Garagstan/Rukora border at the junction. There is a footpath linking Prince Avenue and Elsden, as well as a gate through to Chase. It has an estimated population of around 30.


Political Seat: No. 001

Party: Home Party.

Sofa City

Sofa City, is by far the smallest district in Garagstan. It is the capital district, containing just 2 garages and a couple of unwanted sofas. There are no residents (except for

Sofa city indicated by Black Dot.

plants and insects) and only has room for about 1 or 2 cars. It links directly onto the road that goes straight through the chase and is tucked away behind a row of trees, (the Elsden/Chase border) It is a few second walk from the Garagstan/Rukora border via Chase district and it is governed by the Chairman of the Chase council, as sofa city does not have its own council. Its environment is 100% Concrete and Brick.


Politcial Seat: No. 000

Party: Home Party.


Sofa City is twinned with: