District of Lajrebe'ronü

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Principal Capital District of Lajrebe'ronü
Èrtabnav Pralatèrg Ütketpe sü Lajrebe'ronü


2nd Level Capital Entity
Adrian Charter Township, Michigan, USA
FoundedJuly 14th 2015
Area2.55 acres
The official Ijival home in Lajrebe'ronü.

The Principal Capital District of Lajrebe'ronü is the de jure capital entity of Rikuchar. Unlike a province (of which many are planned but do not currently exist in Rikuchar.), a district possesses no official leader and consist mainly of government buildings or residences. Lajrebe'ronü in particular contains the Ijiv's official home. A district also serves as a municipal entity, meaning that Lajrebe'ronü serves as both the capital district and the capital itself.


The name Lajrebe'ronü derives from the Early Rikuchreb term for Lajrab Lake. It is unknown where the name Lajrab originates from.

Geography and Climate

Lajrebe'ronü has a mild climate, experiencing cold winters and warm summers. It can become overcast in Lajrebe'ronü for up to 5 days before any storm arrives, and said storm can last for hours or even an entire day. Lajrebe'ronü sits far from any large city, but does experience a minor heat gain from nearby Adrian.