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[[File:Lensabia_flag_(1).jpg|thumb|Official flag of Lensabia]]

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The Diarchy of Lensabia is a micronation that was established on September 20th, 2018. The Diarchy of Lensabia has two land claims, one in Washington State, USA, and the other in North Carolina, USA. The style of government practiced is a constitutional/democratic diarchial monarchy. There are two rulers, or consuls as they are referred in the nation. These consuls have wide power, and control things such as diplomacy and war, but they do call in it citizens to vote, in a direct democracy style of certain issues.

Diarchy of Lensabia

"Virtuti et Libertas"
Die Einsenfaust am Lanzenschaaft
EstablishedSeptember 20th 2018
Population2 and growing
National animalDog