Desert Territory

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Pamale Teriitory

Desert Territory - Flag.jpg

Motto: Lex , Pacis quod Justicia

(English: Law, Peace and Justice)

Anthem: 21 Guns by Green Day
Location: Border Town, SA; Junction of NT, SA and WA borders
Capital City Fenced-Off Area
Population: 0
Date of foundation: 22nd August 2009
Leadership: His Majesty King David of Rizja
Language: English
Demonym: Desertian
Currency: Rizjan palm


Desert Territory was established on 22nd August 2009, along with all the other territories. Desert Territory consists of two counties: Border Patch and N(orth)S(outh)W(est).


Border Patch is located in Border Town, South Australia and is a vacant block of land sitting right on the border of Western Australia and South Australia. The capital (Fenced-Off Area) and the majority of the county is located in Western Australia. N(orth)S(outh)W(est) is loacated on the junction of the Nothern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia boundaries. One-half of the county is in Northern Territory, one-quarter in South Australia and one-quarter in Western Australia.


Desert Territory is under direct rule of His Majesty King David of Rizja because of lack of population. Desert Territory is one of the three territories that are under direct rule.

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