Desert District

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Desert District
Flag of Desert District .png
Coat of Arms of Desert District.png
Coat of Arms

No matter the time, no matter the place, Desert District shall live on!
Map of Desert District's Location Within North America
Map of Desert District's Location Within North America
Capital cityRyanlandia
Largest cityKassinovia
Official language(s)English, Spanish
Recognised languagesEnglish, Spanish, Esperanto
Official religion(s)None
Short nameDD
DemonymDesert Districtee
GovernmentPresidential Republic
- First SecretaryJamez
LegislatureLegislative Body
- Number of seats - Seven
- Last election - 1 September 2020
Established10 June 2020
Area claimedCalifornia
CurrencyUSD (De facto), Olig (De jure)
Time zoneUTC-7
National dishGrilled Steak (Unofficial)
National drinkEthiopian Coffee (Unofficial)
National animalCoyote

Official Desert District Website

Desert District is a micronation located in California, in the continent of North America. It is founded upon democratic socialist values.

It was founded on 10 June 2020, amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It was created because the founder, former First Secretary Jamez, had been disappointed by the then-present government, specifically the Executive and Judicial Branches.


The Konstitucio of Desert District is a document that encompasses the main ideas of Jamez and Lee Bastino.

Drafting began on 9 June 2020. This caused a government shutdown until it was complete.

It was finalized on 5 August 2020 and the government immediately re-opened. [1]


Desert District is notably in a desert, in fact, a completely empty portion of the desert. The founder chose this land to be the first territory claim in order to have a blank slate, a completely bare starting piece of land. As it is a small piece of land, he chose to only call it a District. Desert District was born.

Kassinovia is a tribute to a dear friend of the Founder, Mr Kassinove. Kassinovia is also notably a city from the founder's former nation, Formositas.

Jameson Heights is a tribute to the founder of Desert District, Jamez.



Desert District was founded on 10 June 2020, by First Secretary Jamez. Amid the protests against police brutality, a widespread problem in the bordering United States of America. He became extremely disappointed in the direction his once-beloved nation had begun going. Using democratic socialist ideals, he took a large patch of simple sand and declared it his own. His nation includes things he longs for in the United States of America, such as universal healthcare and eco-socialist climate change awareness and policy.


On 22 June 2020, First Secretary Jamez announces that he supported the Black Lives Matter movement and condemned the racism and police system of the bordering United States. He also declared his intent to run for re-election in that statement from the First Secretary’s Office.[2]

On 25 June 2020, First Secretary Jamez announced in an executive order that the government was completely shut down until the major Konstitucio revisions were complete. This meant trials were delayed, and the Legislative Body could not vote. The response was generally positive among government officials.[3]

In June 2020, First Secretary Jamez announced via executive order that until 31 July 2020, “face masks must cover the mouth and nose at all times”, and specified that this can be extended depending on the length of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a response to the bordering the US county that borders Desert District had its highest amount of new cases of the virus the day prior to the signing of the executive order.[4] It became invalid following the ratification of the Konstitucio.

First Secretary

First Secretary Jamez was an anonymous individual, who is the first and current First Secretary (Head of State) of Desert District. Although he doesn’t live in the nation at this time, he lives very near and hopes to live there in the future.

FS Jamez was a self-identified democratic socialist and progressive, and for that reason, he implemented those beliefs into the Konstitucio.

Since his interest in micronationalism began in 2016, he had longed to create one on the land that is now known as Desert District.

On 28 June 2020, Lee Bastino was elected First Secretary following Jamez’s resignation.


A military was established in September of 2020, with just five members with three Privates, one Corporal, and one Colonel. Trainings occur twice weekly in-person on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the Colonel leading with assistance from the Corporal when necessary. [5]



Desert District’s climate is notoriously hot and is one of the hottest known micronations. In summer, the weather often reaches over 120 Fahrenheit. It is a desert, hence the name Desert District. In winter, it averages around 72 Fahrenheit. [6] Rain is a rare event and is often celebrated by the people of Desert District. Coyotes are commonly found in Desert District and have been declared the national animal due to this.


Though the exact location of Desert District is confidential between government officials, it is in a Southern California desert, and it is surrounded by the bordering United States of America.



Though the Konstitucio is written from a leftist perspective, the nation has a wide variety of political beliefs and 5 political parties, with the Democratic Socialist Coalition being the ruling and largest party, led by Jamez, which promotes, "Universal Healthcare, Climate Change Awareness, etc."[7]

The Legislative Body has often made concessions to the leftist branch of the Body. It even gave a majority vote on the Economy Act of 2020, a landmark decision introduced by Jamez, the First Secretary and Legislative Body Representative for the city of Kassinovia that establishes a currency and directs the "workers to own the means of production".[8]

Food and Drink

Cooking at the home is generally viewed as superior to restaurants in Desert District. Beef is the most commonly consumed protein, and green beans are the most commonly consumed vegetable.

Coffee is most often viewed as the best drink. It is believed this is because of former First Secretary Jamez’s love of coffee. Coffee is even grown in Desert District.

Jamez discusses his love for coffee.


Religion is very varied in Desert District. While the original First Secretary, Jamez, identifies as Jewish, and also a Satanic Temple member, and Unitarian Universalist atheist, many other religions are present.

Desert District is a secular nation, however, therefore the government has no official religion.

National Holidays

The government is not in session on National Holidays.

Date Name of the event Description
01 January New Year's Day The first of the Gregorian New Year.
13 April (2021, varies by year) Ramadan The first day of the holy month of Ramadan.
19 May El-Shabazz Day The birthday of the late Malcolm "Malcolm X" El-Shabbaz.
10 June Founding Day The anniversary marking the foundation of the Desert District.
19 June Juneteenth
23 June Nooriza Day Birthday of Nooriz.
01 September Election Day The day of the annual elections in Desert District.
08 September Sanders Day Birthday of Bernie Sanders
14 October Floyd Day Birthday of the late George Floyd
10 December (2020, varies by year) Hanukkah Jewish festival commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem
It is called Festival of Lights
25 December Christmas Annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ