Deseret War

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Deseret War
Date22 June 2018-24 June 2018
Result Seveirian Victory


Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 07.17.49.PNG United Southeast Asian States


Puppeted Gharazzi

Banate Of Severin


State Of Oleum


Condussian Confederacy

Hellenic Empire


Escalante Republic
Supported By

Commanders and leaders

SeveirianFlag.jpeg Shivom Spotz

Bravelandflag.png Jack Perry

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 07.17.4s9.png Aaron Penyami

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 07.17.4s9.png Jonathan Gaellray
Escalante Republic Lucas

The Deseret War was a conflict in the Deseret Cluster.


The Escalante Republic and Seveiria where briefly at war during the Seveirian Conquest. Seveiria learned of an Escalantean plot to attack Seveiria. They responded with a declaration of war.

Operation Gulfstream

Operation Gulfstream is a Seveirian operation to win the war.

Acted Phases:

Phase 1: Seveiria annexed a cafe claimed by the Escalante Republic. They claimed it as New Abkhazia.

Phase 2: Seveiria gained support from almost 20 other nations. This pushes the Escalante Republic out cyberly.

Phase 3: Seveiria took back recognition of the Escalante Republic.

Phase 4: Seveiria demanded that the Escalante Republic officially renounce all claims to New Abkhazia.

Proposed Phases:

Phase 5: Seveirian invasion of New Abkhazia

Phase 6: Seveirian invasion of the Tonfru Sis Republic

Phase 7: Seveirian invasion of the Escalantean capital.

Phase 8: Total Seveirian takeover of the Escalante Republic.


The Escalante Republic renounced all claims to New Abkhazia. They gave Seveiria all Escalantean land in Vietnam.


The Escalante Republic proposed a merge with Seveiria, to form the Deseret Federation. This never fully happened.