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Deputy Speaker of the Atovian House of Commons
HoC Logo Atovia.png
StyleMr/Madam Deputy Speaker
AppointerNominated by the Speaker and confirmed by MPs
Formation2 November 2019

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons (German: Stellvertretender Sprecher des Bundesversammlungs) is the deputy to the presiding officer of the House of Commons and is elected at the beginning of each new parliament by fellow MPs on the nomination of the Speaker. The Deputy Speaker's role is to chair the House in the absence of the Speaker and to chair the House in Committees of the Whole.


The Deputy Speaker's responsibilities are the same as the Speaker's, and they also chair Committees of the Whole. By convention, Deputy Speakers are normally addressed in Parliament as "Mister Deputy Speaker", for a male, and "Madame Deputy Speaker", for a female.


The Speaker, after consultation with party leaders, nominates an MP to be the Deputy Speaker. The House then votes to confirm this nomination. The Deputy Speaker remains a sitting MP, and may vote on all matters.

On 2 November 2019, [] was elected Deputy Speaker. He was the first Deputy Speaker in Atovian history.

List of Deputy Speakers of the House of Commons