Department of Labor and Housing

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Department of Labor and Housing
Department of Labor and Housing

Department of Labor and Housing

Colonial Alliance

Lets say that you want to become a legal citizen of one of the Colonial Alliances colonial nations, the second place that you would go in the process of becoming a citizen would be the Department of Labor and Housing where they will assist you with obtaining quarters within the colony suited to your needs as well as help direct you to a job or career opportunity. The Department is also the agency which will distribute your foreign trade credits when you labor for the betterment of the colony.

The Department of Labor and Housing is managed jointly by Administrative Command and the Citizens with oversight being provided by the Council.

Residency Placement

There are many factors that are to be considered when being assigned quarters by the Department. Unlike housing in other nations, citizens don't have the ability to choose where they live, citizens don't own land in the way that is common, and they don't live in residence that exceed their outright need. Instead citizens are placed in quarters based on their needs such as their job requirements.

Citizens are quartered by their job and family size. A single adult will be assigned to a single citizen quarter. These quarters are similar to large studio apartments. A family of five will have varying-sized quarters, but once again this is based on several factors.

All quarters are standardized by size and need across the board and have every conceivable need addressed, including high speed data and voice communications, audio/video devices, eating areas, sleeping areas, bathrooms and living areas. These quarters are maintained in full or in part by the Department of Engineering and Utilities.

Employment Placement

One of the duties of the Department of Labor and Housing, is to help place citizens in proper and satisfying job positions. Although the Department makes no mandates on were citizens work, they do help to facilitate possible job placement of citizens.

Trade Credit Distribution

The Department of Agriculture and Staple Foods is responsible for distributing Commodities Credits to the citizens. The Department of Labor and Housing is charged with the responsibility of distributing Foreign Trade Credits to the citizens based on 1.5 credits per day of labor.