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Democratic Republic of Todorina


Foundation history (or a whole history)

The Democratic Republic of Todorina is a micronation,that was founded at March 4, 2018 by one man,whose name is Denis Sakharov,who became its President for life.

Оccupied space and location

The Democratic Republic occupies a space equal to 60 square meters in an apartment in Murmansk,Russia.

National currency

The national currency in Todorinа is a Todorinа mark equal to 5 Russian rubles. (or ~0.08 US dollars)


The population of the Democratic Republic is 8 people.

Form of government and ideology

The form of government in Todorina is dictatorship. Dictator is President for life. Country Ideology - New Philosophy.

National motto

The national motto is "Progress, Justice, Humanity".

State religon

The state religion of DRT is cyclism,faith in Creators.