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Democratic Republic of New America

The Democratic Republic of New America (German: Demokratische Republik Neuamerika), often abbreviated New America (German: Neuamerika), is a micronation founded on January 11, 2012. It is the successor state to the Northern Republic.

Democratic Republic of New America

Pugna pro liberate (Latin: Fighting for freedom)
"Arise! Arise!" by Daniel Morris
Pittsburgh, United States
Capital city Dayridge
Largest city Dayridge
Official language(s) English, German
Short name New America
Demonym New American
Government Semi-presidential parliamentary republic
- Vice President Sean Keogh
- President Alexander Holmsofen
- Prime Minister Patrick Conlon
Legislature Parliament
Established 11 January 2012
Area claimed 1.76 km²
Population 6 (Census never fully completed)
Currency United States dollar
Time zone UTC-5 (-4 DST)

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Government and politics

New America uses a governmental structure called a semi-presidential parliamentary republic. In this system, the president and vice-president share very similar powers. The difference between the two is that the president cannot be voted out of office, while a new vice-president is elected every five years. The prime minister leads all of the ministries in the parliament, and is chosen by the members of Parliament. The members are Parliament are voted into office by the people.

On February 1, 2012, the Parliament's meeting place was officially established inside of a group on Facebook. Since most of the members of Parliament do not actually reside inside of the country, this was the best option, with the second best being weekly meetings at the Government Palace.


New America currently claims a neighbourhood in America, meaning that its infrastructure is already well-built. However, seeking to create infrastructure from scratch, the government recently announced its plans to reclaim its old territory (a small conservation area in Pennsylvania; 1.35 km² in size) and create a completely new country from scratch. Help on designing this infrastructure was asked on the MicroWiki Forum and has gained significant support since then.

Foreign relations

New America recognises all of the nations that its predecessor state did, and shares the same recognition agreements listed below. New America will not recognise nations that claim land on Antarctica and/or other planets exclusively, or nations that do not meet the four requirements of statehood as listed in the Montevideo Convention of 1933.

Flag Nation Status
  Republic of Ultamiya Formal relations
  Social Republic of Bethania Formal relations
  Westsylvania Formal relations
  Unified Republic of Preissland Formal relations
  Cermondy Formal relations
Uzbekezstien Formal relations
  Kingdom of Rafghanistan Formal relations
  Empire of Kozuc Informal relations
  Empire of New Europe Informal relations
  MPR Burkland Mutual recognition


New America will be hosting the 2012 MFA America Cup.

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