Democratic Republic of Luxe

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Ut ab heri, hodie, in perpetuum.
Jonny appleseed
Capital cityLuxe
Official language(s)Luxese
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameLuxe
GovernmentDemocratic republic
- PresidentLuca mirante
- Prime ministerGiulia Benedetti
EstablishedApril 18th 2016
Area claimed13o mt2
Population59 (24' in the world)
Time zone+1:00
National sportBasketball
National animalGhepard
Patron saintSt. Giuseppe from Copertino
This country is a member of U.M.S.


The Democratic Republic of Luxe is a nation founded in the summer of 2009 in Trento. The origins of the name are not known, which are believed to refer to the name of the president, Luca; Incidentally the name in French means luxury. "


2009, Luca Mirante founds a hypothetical city in his room; no one knows why, but it is so. establishes shops, banks a municipality and also appoints streets. The city also has fractions, Vicolo and Bussolino, plus other areas of his apartment. In 2012 he decided to take a step forward, he founded the Oligarchic Republic of Luxe and twins with another state of his neighbor, Franci city. Then he will help establish two more states, Emilsang and the State of Alux; he thus founded the UMS (union micro-states) to gather together a union between these nations. In 2016, the president wanted to take another step, which would then be a ... FAKE. On April 18th, Luxe gained independence and was a national holiday. Let's come back, however, in 2014, the year in which Franzlandia was founded, a state which, after joining the UMS, declared war on Luxe. With the incredible help of other UMS nations, the FIRST WAR OF THE UMS was fought. After 3 battles, all won by our nation, Franzland surrendered and paid the armistice.

Luxe gave franzlandia another chance, leaving it alive.

Another conflict was Angarb's IT sabotage, which was later conquered by Luxe.

Last combat conflict was in the summer of 2017, after Franzlandia declared war on Luxe.

Record of our army, Franzlandia was defeated in about 2 hours, in fact, this conflict will then be called WAR OF 2 HOURS. Luxe however, the Franziese territory was held which still shares with Fabroland. Now let's talk about Fabroland, created by Bortolotti Fabrizio, still active today. On 7 February 2018 he joined the UMS, thanking our Republic for the support provided. Now Luxe is a republic, the next step is the final publication of its constitution.

Politic and Government

Politica di Luxe

At the beginning, Luxe was an oligarchic state, governed only by the president, but in 2014 it officially became a democratic republic. Over time, the president Luca mirante, after writing the constitution, decided to found a parliament. Thus, in 2019, Luxe became a parliamentary democratic republic. the Luxe parliament consists of 11 seats at the moment.

History of politic

Luxe at the beginning, having very few citizens, possessed an oligarchy headed Luca Mirante. Over time and after Luxe's ​​declaration of independence, it became a democratic republic. After the reform of May 30, 2019, Luxe became a parliamentary democratic republic.


The mos important partys in Luxe are the Partito Democratico Forza Luxe, Partito Comunista Luxese, Partito Sakura, Partito SPQR.


Name Flag Superficie Anno fondazione Proprietario Citizens
Bussolino Bussolino.png 3 mt2 2010 Comune di Luxe luca mirante 1
Entra Mira Entramira.png 4 mt2 2016 Comune di Luxe Luca Mirante 0
Secondo Luxese
Secondo Luxese 100px 4.5 mt2 2016 Comune di Secondo Luxese Nicola Tomasi 1
Franzlandia e territori conquistati
Città di Franzlandia CDF.png 10 mt2 2017 Comune di Franzlandia Luca mirante 2
Dependent Territories


Luxe finances the sports sector a lot, in fact its national teams are among the strongest in Italy and in Europe. National sport is Pallcanestro, but the most popular sport is football. The state has in fact a national football team and has a championship and the federation is the LFF. Other sports are pallatennis and athletics.

Servizi Militari e segreti

L'Esercito Luxese, primo nella classifica dell'U.M.S., ha combattuto due conflitti e ha conquistato Franzlandia.

L'Intelligence Luxese è la principale organizzazione per i servizi segreti della repubblica.

La Guardia Presidenziale Luxese, corpo militare che si occupa della protezione del capo di stato.

Carte d'identità

Lo stato, per la prima volta, ha stampato ad ogni cittadino delle Carte d'identità, reperibili dopo aver compilato la cittadinanza.


Il Sistema Ferroviario Luxese, è l'organizzazione principale ferroviaria dello stato.

Sigilli di stato

Francobolli e sigilli di stato.png

Da agosto 2018 lo stato produce francobolli, cartoline e sigilli dello stato, tutti disponibili presso lo store ufficiale della Repubblica.