Democratic Republic of Benjastan

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Democratic Republic Of Benjastan

2017 — Present

Flag Of Benjastan.pngNational Seal Of Benjastan.png

Populi, Socialismo, Liberatus
The Commonwealth Of Toil

220px x 127px

Capital cityThomasville
Largest cityChiri
Official language(s)English (UK), Benjastanian
Official religion(s)None]
Short nameBenjastan
GovernmentOne-Party Presidential Republic
- PresidentBenjamin Pickles
LegislaturePeople's National Congress Of Benjastan
Established16 October 2017
Population15 (estimated)
CurrencyBenjastan Dollar
Time zoneBenjastan Standard Time (UTC-03)
National sportDownhill Skiing
National animalSnowy Owl

The Democratic Republic Of Benjastan is a micronation located in Ontario, Canada. It was founded by His Eminence Benjamin T. Pickles in 2017. The mainland of Benjastan is located in Pickles' bedroom, while several territories exist throughout the world.


Benjastan was founded on October 16, 2017 by Benjamin Thomas Pickles. It was first called the Democratic Kingdom Of Benjastan, and Pickles was crowned King Of Benjastan. On December 30, 2017 Congress passed a constitutional amendment abolishing the Monarchy. King Benjamin I was appointed to be the first President of the new Democratic Republic Of Benjastan.


Benjastan's first conflicts were between itself and neighbouring Mollyopolis. In April of 2018, the President and his delegation were visiting Mollya in a state visit. Mollyopolan troops attacked the delegation unprovoked, and war was declared. Benjastanian forces invaded Mollyopolis and forced them to surrender. A peace treaty was signed, and Mollyopolis was to supply Benjastan with money and weapons for the next several weeks.

One week later, the Benjastanian Government accused Mollyopolis of not following the treaty. They were once again attacked, and war broke out again. The war was resolved after the international community stepped in and forced Benjastan and Mollya to stop the war. No peace treaty was signed.

In December of 2019, President Pickles declared war on a classmate named Shriyak, who was leading a coup inside Benjastan. The conflict was resolved in March 2020, with no casualties. Benjastan has had no conflicts since then, and hopes that this will have been the last war Benjastan participated in.

Other Events

On May 15, 2018, President Pickles and King Miles I of the Kingdom Of Jackanaadia signed the Bedia-Benston Agreement, a defensive and economic pact. Benjastan continued to be a strong ally of Jackaanadia until the latter ceased to exist in 2019.

On August 7, 2018, the National Benjastanian Mint issued the first official bank note in Benjastan's history. It had President Pickles' face on the front, and Benjastan's national animal, the Snowy Owl, on the back.

On January 28, 2019, President Pickles delivered his first monthly address. In the speech he condemns Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, which is a view he has changed.

On July 6, 2019, the Benjastanian Constitution was changed after a binding referendum. The amendment made the People's Revolutionary Communist Party Of Benjastan the only recognized political party in Benjastan.

On July 20, 2019, the Benjastanian Delegation attended MicroCon 2019 in Hamilton, Canada. President Pickles met with Emperor Eric Lis of the Aerican Empire, President Kevin Baugh of Molossia, and Governor Kimyona of the Commonwealth Of Egan.

In February 2020, Benjastan was admitted into the Commonwealth Of Sovereignties. Benjastan served as ComSov's Minister Of Mass Media and Digital Development, but withdraw from the organization in April. Reasons cited included members of ComSov being hostile toward socialist nations such as Benjastan, and supporting American imperialism.

On April 22, 2020, Benjastan came to an agreement with Queen Molly I of the Queendom Of Mollyopolis, who agree to join Benjastan as a state. Together, they declared a claim of their entire house, and reformed Benjastan into six states inside their house,and six Special Administrative Regions. Queen Molly was appointed by Pickles to be Governor of the State of Greater Mollyopolis.


The Government Of Benjastan is a one-party Presidential Republic. The branches of the government are listed here:

  • Executive: The Executive Branch consists of the President and their cabinet. The job of the Executive Branch is to submit legislation to Congress, and to approve legislation passed by Congress.
  • Legislative: The Legislative Branch consists of the People's National Congress Of Benjastan. The Congress Of Benjastan is non-geographic, instead using proportional representation. It has eight members.
  • Judiciary: The Judiciary Of Benjastan is the court system that enforces laws passed by the first two branches. Benjastan has one court, The National Court Of Benjastan.


The President Of Benjastan is the head of the executive branch, and the leader of the entire nation. Duties of the President include opening each meeting of Congress, signing bills into law, and representing Benjastan internationally. The current President is His Eminence, President Benjamin T. Pickles.

Presidents Of The Democratic Republic Benjastan
# Portrait President Party In Office
1 204px-Official Portrait of The President of Benjastan.jpg His Eminence, Benjamin T. Pickles People's Revolutionary Communist Party Of Benjastan December 30, 2017 - Present

Vice President

The Vice President acts as an assistant and advisor to the President. Their only official duty is acting as a tie-breaker in Congress.

Vice Presidents Of The Democratic Republic Of Benjastan
# Portrait Vice President Party In Office
1 Portrait Of Vice President Sha'uri Ellis.jpg Her Eminence, Sha'uri E. Ellis People's Revolutionary Communist Party Of Benjastan December 30, 2017 - Present


The People's National Congress Of Benjastan passes legislation submitted by members, or the President. It uses proportional representation, and consists of eight members.

Logo Party Party Leader Political Position Ideologies Seats Status
Transparent Logo Of The PRCPB.png People's Revolutionary Communist Party Of Benjastan His Eminence Benjamin T. Pickles Far-Left Marxism,



3 / 8
ICP Logo.jpg Independent Conservative Party Ivan I Centre-Right Isolationism,


3 / 8
N/A Independent N/A N/A N/A
2 / 8
Coalition (2/2)


Mainland Benjastan is located in Ontario, Canada. Its position is known only to the President, his family, and the highest ranking members of the Benjastanian Government. Benjastan's extended territories include Brissenden Island (located in Quebec, Canada), Cupboardio (located in Ontario, Canada), and Benjastanian Westarctica (Marie Byrd Land).


States Of Benjastan
Flag State Population Governor
Greater Mollyopolis Flag.png Greater Mollyopolis 1 Molly Pickles
Parentilla Flag.png Parentilla 2 Karyn Pickles
Attikia Flag.png Attikia 2 Position Empty
Kitcha Flag.png Kitcha 4 Position Empty
Bathemia Flag.png Bathemia 4 Position Empty
Birsland Flag.png Birsland 11 Olive Pickles
Special Administrative Regions
Flag SAR Population Administrator
Thomasville District Flag.png Thomasville District 1 Benjamin Pickles
Cupboardio Flag.png Cupboardio 0 Ian Pickles
Calland Flag.png Calland 4 Molly Pickles
Brissenden Island Flag.png Brissenden Island 2 Neiland Brissenden
Outer Benjastan Flag.png Outer Benjastan 4 Karyn Pickles
Nith River Territory.png Nith River Territory 5 Logan Jack


Benjastanian Culture is largely based on North American society. Though, Benjastanian culture is far less consumerist and far more ecological.


Benjastan recognizes all Canadian Civic Holidays, as well as all Judeo-Christian and Islamic Holy Days.

National Holidays
Date Name
January 8 Bowie Day
March 19 Spring Festival
April 22 Unification Day
May 1 President's Day
June 20 Summer Festival
September 22 Fall Festival
October 16 Independence Day
November 8 Comrade's Day
December 21 Winter Festival
December 30 Republic Day


Benjastan's national sports are chess and downhill skiing. Swimming and dodgeball are also very popular. Sporting is not a very popular pastime in Benjastan, as most citizens prefer to read a good book instead.


Benjastanian cuisine is a blend of South Asian and European/North American foods. The national dish is Pad Thai, and the national drink is sparkling water. Pizza is also a very popular food, as well as curry.


The official languages of Benjastan are Benjastanian and English. English is the most commonly spoken language, while Benjastanian is still popular. Benjastanian is a blend of English and French, and uses the latin alphabet.


Benjastan is a very secular nation. While many Benjastanians are personally religious, religion is never a factor in government or politics. The most common religion is Christianity.


Name Awarded By Eligibility Appearance
National Medal Of Honour President Of The Democratic Republic Of Benjastan Any person deemed by the President to have done something excellent.
Benjastanian Medal Of Honour.png
Medal For Service In The Benjastan-Mollyopolis Wars Grand General Of The Benjastanian Armed Forces Any Benjastanian Military member or affiliate who served in some capacity during the Benjastan-Mollyopolis Wars.
Benjastan-Mollyopolis War Service Medal.png
Medal For Service In The Shriyak Skirmish Grand General Of The Benjastanian Armed Forces Any Benjastanian Military member or affiliate who served in some capacity during the Shriyak Skirmish.
Medal For Service In The Benjastan-Shriyak Skirmish.png
Order Of The Revolution General Secretary Of The People's Revolutionary Communist Party Of Benjastan Any party member deemed by the General Secretary to have commited and act of great service the PRCPB and revolutionary cause.
Order Of The Revolution.png


Benjastan recognizes all UN member states, and several non-member states.

Non-UN Members Recognized By Benjastan
Flag Nation Diplomatic Status
Kosovo.png Kosovo No Diplomatic Relations
Logastan Flag.png Logastan Diplomacy Open
Flag of Molossia.svg Molossia No Diplomatic Relations
FlagOfAltavia.png Altavia Diplomacy Open
Flag of Kingdom of Brienia.jpg Brienia Diplomacy Open
New Flag of Cycoldia.png Cycoldia Semi-Diplomacy Open
Flag Of Egan.png Egan Diplomacy Open