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Democratic Party (Tiana)

The Democratic Party (DP), usually referred to as the Democrats, was a Tianan political party and one of the country's two major political parties alongside the Communist Party. It was founded on 14 June 2012 by former members of the Democratic Alliance for Freedom. The party was usually considered to be on the center-right of the Tianan political spectrum. The party was a member of the League of Capitalists. The Democratic Party is no longer active in Tianan politics.

Democratic Party
Founded 17 June 2012
Preceded by Democratic Alliance for Freedom
Ideology Catch-all centrism, Liberalism
Political position Center-right
International affiliation League of Capitalists
Official colors Blue, white, yellow


The Democratic Party's predominant ideology was liberalism, with the largest two groupings within the party being the center-left social liberals and center-right conservative liberals. The party, however, did not confirm to ideological determinism and has members ranging from social democrats to conservatives.