Democratic Left (Bartonia)

The Democratic Left of Bartonia (German: Demokratische Linke Bartoniens) is a eco-socialist political party in the Republic of Bartonia.

Democratic Left of Bartonia
Denokratische Linke Bartoniens DE
Demokratyczna Lewica Bartonii PL
LeaderCal Sewa
DeputyBenjamin Pickles
AdviserMuran Voldokar
FounderCal Sewa
Founded18 September 2021
Preceded byEcologist Party of Bartonia
HeadquartersGreen Square 1, Bartonowo
Membership (2021)10
Political positioncentre-left to left-wing
International affiliationPicklist International, Intermicronational Socialist Forum
Colors     purple
AnthemThe Internationale
Seats in People's Council
3 / 4
Seats in National Council
1 / 2
Regional seats
2 / 3


Party congresses

Party congresses are normally held twice a year.

Party congresses of the DLB
Time period Contents
Foundation congress 18 September 2021 The party has been founded by Cal Sewa

Electoral results

  • 4. Doge and National Council Elections:
  • 4. Eco-Council Elections:
  • 5. Regional Elections: