Democratic Kingdom of Benjastan

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Democratic Kingdom of Benjastan


First Flag Of Benjastan.png

Freedom, Equality, Liberty
The Benjastan Song
Ontario, Canada
Capital cityBenston
Largest cityBenston
Official language(s)English (Canada)
Official religion(s)None
Short nameMollyopolis
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- KingHis Royal Majesty, King Benjamin I
- Prime MinisterSha'uri Ellis
LegislatureCongress Of Benjastan
Established16 October 2017
Population12 (estimated)
National sportDownhill Skiing
National animalOwl

The Democratic Kingdom of Benjastan was a North American Micronation that existed from 16 October 2017 until 30 December 2017, when it was reformed into the Democratic Republic of Benjastan.


The Democratic Kingdom of Benjastan was a constitutional monarchy. It was led by King Benjamin I, and Sha'uri Ellis was the Prime Minister. The legislative branch consisted of the Congress Of Benjastan, with the House of Congress and the Senatus.

List of Monarchs
# Monarch Portrait Duration of Rule
1 King Benjamin I Portrait Of King Benjamin I.png 16 October 2017 -
30 December 2017
List of Prime Ministers
# Prime Minister Portrait In Office
1 Sha'uri E. Ellis Portrait Of Prime Minister Sha'uri Ellis.png 16 October 2017 -
30 December 2017


The Constitution of Benjastan was written by His Royal Majesty, King Benjamin I. This is a transcript:

(Note that all spelling and grammar mistakes were in the original document.)

1. I the king and head of the Senatus declare that this nation is formed upon the values of freedom and fun.

2. We believe that each and everybody has the right to: education, safety, healthcare, a roof over their head and food and water.

3. To ensure the good behaviour of future leaders we declare this constitution the head law of this nation over any future law made by me or any other leader.

4. We declare that the government of Benjastan will be divided into three branches: Monarchy: members of the royal house or family who make the laws Judicial: the system of courts that enforces the laws and resolves disputes Economic: the system that creates the money and keeps the economy running

5. these three branches will have separate responsibilitys and powers

6. changing this constitution will require the support of two thirds of the citizens of Benjastan

7. no member of any branch of the government abuses their power in any way they will be sent to trial and possibly removed from office.