Democratic-Socialist Party (Republic of Iustus)

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Democratic Socialist Party of Iustus
LeaderSierra Babado
HeadquartersCurtis City
IdeologyDemocratic Socialism
National affiliationIustus
Official coloursRed

The Democratic-Socialist Party was a political party in the Iustus Republic that was founded after the Constitutional Convention of Iustus and was dissolved afte by its President on June 18, 2018.


The Democratic-Socialist party of Iustus was founded after the Iustian constitutional convention in which it founded two parties, the Democratic-Socialist party and the Progressive-Conservative party of Iustus. The Democratic-Socialists competed against the Progressive-Conservatives in the March 9th election in which the Democratic-Socialists won, they held a strong hold on the Iustian Congress and won the April 2018 election but lost there grip during the June 18th - 19th crisis in which the party was dissolved.