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{| class="wikitable" style="text-align:center;border-color:black;"
{{Tree chart/start|style=width:100%|align=center}}
| colspan="10" |[[File:John I, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg|x100px]]<br />Ld H Adm and C-in-C
{{Tree chart| | | | | | | |CIC| | | | |CIC=[[File:John I, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg|x50px]]<br />Commander in Chief and Lord High Admiral<br />Admiral of the Fleet [[John I of Baustralia|King John I]]}}
{{Tree chart| | | | | | | | |!| | | | | }}
| colspan="10" style="border-bottom:0;" |[[File:Caleb Arthur, 2018 pattern aerial photo.jpg|x100px]]<br />CDS
{{Tree chart| | | | | | | |CDS| | | | |CDS=[[File:Caleb Arthur, 2018 pattern aerial photo.jpg|x50px]]<br />Chief of the Defence Staff<br />Air Chief Marshal [[Caleb Arthur, 1st Baron of Carleton|Lord Carleton]]}}
{{Tree chart| |,|-|-|v|-|-|-|+|-|-|-|.| }}
| style="border-top:0;border-bottom:0;" |{{pad|100px}}
{{Tree chart| |!| |CNS| |CGS| |CAS|CNS=[[File:Sir John Timpson, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg|x50px]]<br />First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff<br />Admiral Sir [[John Timpson]]|CGS=[[File:Coat of arms of Geoff Audas.svg|x50px]]<br />Chief of the General Staff<br />General Sir Geoff Audas|CAS=[[File:Julian Kostuik, 2018 pattern aerial photo.jpg|x50px]]<br />Chief of the Air Staff<br />Air Chief Marshal Julian Kostuik}}
| colspan="3" |[[File:Sir John Timpson, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg|x100px]]<br>1SL and CNS
{{Tree chart| |!| | |!| | | |!| | | |!| }}
| colspan="3" |<div style="width:100px;height:100px;margin:0;padding:0;text-align:center;display:table-cell;vertical-align:middle;">General<br>G.R. Audas<br>{{post-nominals|MBE|KSM}}</div>CGS
{{Tree chart| |!| |FCPO| |ASM| |AirSM|ASM=[[File:Baustralia Army OR-9c (infobox).svg|x50px]]<br />Army sergeant major<br />Warrant officer Abby Rashotte|AirSM=[[File:Baustralia HRAF OR-9c (infobox).svg|x50px]]<br />Air sergeant major<br />Warrant officer Liam Munroe|FCPO=[[File:Baustralia HRN OR-9c (infobox).svg|x50px]]<br />Fleet chief petty officer<br />Warrant officer Mara Arthur}}
| colspan="3" |[[File:Julian Kostuik, 2018 pattern aerial photo.jpg|x100px]]<br>CAS
{{Tree chart| |`|-|-|-|-|-|-|.| | | | | }}
{{Tree chart| | | | | | | |BSM| | | | |BSM=[[File:Johnathan Fairbank, 2018 pattern army photo.jpg|x50px]]<br />Baustralian sergeant major<br />Warrant officer Jonathan Fairbank}}
| style="border-top:0;border-bottom:0;" |
{{Tree chart/end}}
| colspan="3" |<div style="width:100px;height:100px;margin:0;padding:0;text-align:center;display:table-cell;vertical-align:middle;">Warrant officer<br>M. Arthur</div>FCPO
| colspan="3" |<div style="width:100px;height:100px;margin:0;padding:0;text-align:center;display:table-cell;vertical-align:middle;">Warrant officer<br>A.R. Rashotte</div>ASM
| colspan="3" |<div style="width:100px;height:100px;margin:0;padding:0;text-align:center;display:table-cell;vertical-align:middle;">Warrant officer<br>L. Munroe</div>AirSM
| colspan="10" |<br>Warrant officer<br>Jonathan Fairbank<br><br>BSM

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Defence Council of Baustralia
Emblem of the BAF.svg
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Baustralia
HeadquartersHolderton County, Holderton
Agency executive

The Defence Council of Baustralia is the body legally entrusted with the defence of the realm and her empire and with control over the Baustralian Armed Forces. Unlike most militaries, it is separate from the government, both being on the same level under the crown.


The Defence Council is accountable to the King for its business. In practice, the Defence Council is a formal body. In addition, the three service boards (the Admiralty Board, the Army Board and the Air Force Board), which are sub-committees of the Defence Council meet annually for each service chief to report to the King on the health of their respective services.

As of December 2021, membership of the Defence Council is as follows:

Membership Title Rank Name
King-in-Council Commander-in-Chief and Lord High Admiral Baustralia HRN OF-10 (infobox).svg Admiral of the Fleet John I
Commissioned officers Chief of the Defence Staff Baustralia HRAF OF-9 (infobox).svg Air Chief Marshal The Lord of Carleton
First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff Baustralia HRN OF-9 (infobox, adc-p).svg Admiral Sir John Timpson
Chief of the General Staff Baustralia Army OF-9 (infobox).svg General Geoff Audas
Chief of the Air Staff Baustralia HRAF OF-9 (infobox).svg Air Chief Marshal Julian Kostuik
Non-commissioned officers Baustralian sergeant major Baustralia HRAF OR-9d (infobox).svg Warrant officer Jonathan Fairbank
Fleet chief petty officer Baustralia HRN OR-9c (infobox).svg Warrant officer Mara Arthur
Army sergeant major Baustralia Army OR-9c (infobox).svg Warrant officer Abby Rashotte
Air sergeant major Baustralia HRAF OR-9c (infobox).svg Warrant officer Liam Munroe


John I, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg
Commander in Chief and Lord High Admiral
Admiral of the Fleet King John I
Caleb Arthur, 2018 pattern aerial photo.jpg
Chief of the Defence Staff
Air Chief Marshal Lord Carleton
Sir John Timpson, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg
First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff
Admiral Sir John Timpson
Coat of arms of Geoff Audas.svg
Chief of the General Staff
General Sir Geoff Audas
Julian Kostuik, 2018 pattern aerial photo.jpg
Chief of the Air Staff
Air Chief Marshal Julian Kostuik
Baustralia HRN OR-9c (infobox).svg
Fleet chief petty officer
Warrant officer Mara Arthur
Baustralia Army OR-9c (infobox).svg
Army sergeant major
Warrant officer Abby Rashotte
Baustralia HRAF OR-9c (infobox).svg
Air sergeant major
Warrant officer Liam Munroe
Johnathan Fairbank, 2018 pattern army photo.jpg
Baustralian sergeant major
Warrant officer Jonathan Fairbank