Declan I, II & V

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Awards and decorations

Flag of Austenasia.png Knight Protector of the Crown Prince: 4/5/2010 - 20/1/2013
Flag of Kremlum Sandus.jpg Knight of the Order of the Sovereign Eagle, Second Class: 9/9/2010
Flag of Austenasia.png Knight of Honour in the Glorious Order of St. John: 18/9/2010 - 19/12/2010
Flag of angador.png Lord of the Royal Order of St. Christopher: 20/12/2010
FlagofSandus.png Ribbon of Flora: 21/4/2011
File:Antarctico londaise.png Companion of the Community of Landashir: 3/1/2012
File:Flag_Sch.PNG Order of Plum Flower: 4/5/2012
File:ArboreaFlag.jpg Order of the Trout: 30/12/2012

Preceded by:
Esmond III
Longest reigned Monarch of Austenasia
22 July 2012 - 22 February 2015
Succeeded by:
Jonathan I