David I of Varina

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His Majesty
David I of Varina
King of Varina

King of Varina
Reign March 31st, 2013 - (79 days)
Coronation N/A
Predecessor Throne Established
House House of Salapa
Father Thomas Nicholas Salapa
Mother Susan Marie Salapa
Born March 12, 1996 (1996-03-12) (age 24)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Religion Christian

His Majesty, David I is the King of Varina. He was, from March 27th, 2010 to March 27th, 2013 the president of the Republic of Ultamiya and was the main person behind its development, history, foreign affairs, and existence in general.

Personal life

David was born on March 12th, 1996, at 2:16 PM at Shadyside Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is currently a student at Steel Valley High School.

He also runs an Imaginary World of which he has personally developed since 2000. A lot of things he does outside of school and micronationalism deal with this topic, though irrelevant to most happening elsewhere.

David is a devout Christian, though he does not attend church; he is outwardly obsessed with angels as well as anime in general.


Monarchical styles of
David I
Flag of Varina.png
Reference style His Majesty
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style Sire


Presidential portrait, July 28th, 2012.

In the three years of Ultamiya, David did his absolute best to better Ultamiya and develop it into a sovereign state. He was present at the Battle of Fort Munhall, as well as every battle of the Hicks War, and lead the majority of advertising for Ultamiya around the Internet. In addition, he was responsible for composing the lyrics to Ultamiya, The Greatest Land and Long Live Ultamiya, and conducting most diplomatic operations.

President Salapa with the M555AF, an Airsoft pistol in the federal arsenal.

David saw Ultamiya as a laid back nation and not one that really got tangled up in politics or the like. Thus, there were no parties and there was no expiration date for his time as President.

He implemented a few aspects of anime into micronationalism, most notably the Sisters in Sainthood where both Katherine (Axis Powers Hetalia) and Shirley (Code Geass) came from.

During the summers of 2011 and 2012, (but not exclusively), David managed the District of Minaka on the Minecraft server of the Kingdom of Wyvern, and was responsible for every building erected inside Minaka.

Policy and controversy

David labeled himself as a Benevolent Dictator. Sometimes, he would ask Ultamian citizens on the national website what they think about an issue, and other times, when he wrote acts, for example, he would be careful with wording. He was also quite susceptible to comments from other micronations, and is receptive to and understanding of negative feedback.

The Second Constitution

When he wrote the second Constitution in March of 2011, he let the community read the document after it went online. Many micronationalists condemned the widespread support of Christianity, as the second Constitution had declared it the official religion of Ultamiya. Along with comments about poor and vague choices of wording, David decided to scrap the entire Constitution as a whole until he wrote a third on May 14th.

Istoria's persecution of homosexuality

On June 10th, 2011, a controversial argument on the Facebook group "Micronationalists" (today MicroGroup) had many people believing David was defending the Kingdom of Istoria, a long-time friend of Ultamiya and at the time considered to be Ultamiya's best friend. The argument started after the group administrator, Riley Small, wished to kick Istorian King Maximilian I out of the group for his persecution of homosexuals. David, arguing there was no reason to, was defeated by a combined argument from Small, Declan I, II & V, James Scott, and Will Sorgel. He left the argument, saying "This whole thing is futile", and "You guys are free to do whatever". He announced on the Ultamian website that he had cut relations with Istoria, possibly to save his standing in the community. During the argument, he mentioned that "I love Christ with all my heart, and I would never betray him by standing beside Istoria's death penalty," and thus, because Maximilian was disobeying God's sixth commandment prohibiting murder, David would be motivated to cut relations.

Article etiquette and forum departure

Starting on September 25th, 2011 and running until January 2012, Salapa fought an undeclared war with Dranorian Chancellor Jeremy Oakes, a Patroller and later Administrator of MicroWiki, regarding capitalization rules in article section and table titles. Most of the fighting occurred on the Diplomacy of the Republic of Ultamiya page and the main Ultamian article, in which each one would attempt to capitalize or decapitalize the various titles on those respective pages. By January, Salapa was tired of the stress and decided to leave the MicroWiki community almost completely for the next two months, concentrating on the Return to the Roots domestic program for his country. This departure had large consequences, including kicking Ultamiya off the MicroWiki Influence Survey for the first time since it appeared in the second survey ever taken. Salapa left on January 30th and returned to the Forums on March 24th, 2012.

Religious arguments

David believes Christianity to be in the minority across MicroWiki, and despite the fact that at least four religions are represented in the sector, the vast majority of micronationalists in the community, especially more established ones, are either Atheist or Agnostic. Between July 2011 and June 2012, Salapa attempted to use Skype to defend his position on religion and perhaps convince his opponents otherwise about their future. Though no one ever won these debates, Salapa continues to seek faith throughout MicroWiki.


After disestablishing Ultamiya, David left micronationalism for four days before returning with the Kingdom of Varina. He drafted a declaration of independence, which was signed at 7:35 PM on March 31st, 2013, and approved the flag, anthem, motto, and coat of arms.

Since then, he has worked hard to develop the nation's diplomatic, militarial, and economic ability. David is one of two Commanders-in-Chief of the Fort Munhall Command, alongside Michael I of Michrenia, as well as the CEO of the nation's sole company, the Backyard Mining Corporation.


Civilwarribbon.png Atlantis Civil War Campaign Medal

OrderOfTheFalconII.png Yablokon Order of the Falcon (Member class)

OOTP logo.jpg Senyan Order of the Phoenix

Order of the Sun.png Kuhugi Order of the Sun

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