David Black

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David Edward Black
Flag of the United States of Altania.svg
Name David Edward Black
Micronation Ruled United States of Altania
Reign start 12 April 2009
Reign end Incumbent
Predecessor N/A
Successor Incumbent

David Edward Black was the High Chancellor and founder of the Republic of North Altania. He was at first a citizen of the Empire of Northwood, but thought the opression by Emperor Vincent was not right. During The Red Faction uprising during the Northwood Civil War he enlisted in the Faction's army and was made General on the Western Front against the Southdean Independence Movement. After crushing the Movement he pushed for an invasion of the Kingdom of Altania to secure a homeland. After the capturing of Northern Altania The Red Faction crumbled due to lack of men, who had been moved to Altania. General Black assumed control of the Faction and tried to negotiate a peace with the League of Merseyside Micronations. General Black restored peace for the faction and renamed it Republic of North Altania, and is concidered a national hero of North Altania.

On April 12, 2009 David Black helped reunite both Altanian states and was a co-founder of the United States of Altania, becoming the Governor of the State of Castlton.