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Kota Darvinos

Lungsod ng Darvinos
  Component City of Namayan  
Official seal of Darvinopolis Kota Darvinos
Motto: Excellence and Discipline
Map of Darvinopolis' Sphere of Influence imposed on a blank map of Metro Manila, Philippines.
Local Division Flag of Namayan.png Lequia Prefecture
 - Overseer Darwin Eugenio
 - Total 0.0002 km2 (0 sq mi)
Elevation 14.7 m m (48.2 ft ft)
 - Total 5
Demonym Darvinian
Time zone UTC +8
Website Official Website

Darvinopolis is a component city of the Rajahnate of Namayan. It was established on 6 April 2014, when Namayan existed as the State of Ariana. Darwin Eugenio declared the establishment of the City of Darvinos (Darvinopolis) on 6 April 2014, under special permission of State of Ariana's leader. Its founder also serves as the acting Prefect of the city.

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