Danubine Parliament

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Danubine Parlement
Parlement Logo.png
TypeUnicameral Governing body
Prime MinisterJohn Otto
since June 6 2016
Last electionNovember 8, 2016
Meeting place
Skype room(De Facto)/ New Vienna (De Jure)

Current Makeup

The current government has been appointed to carry the nation until the election.

Make up.png

  • Yellow- Capitalist League (Majority with Prime minister) -Classical Liberal
  • Red- Commission of Moderates and Concerned Citizens -Center left
  • Blue- Christian Democratic Union -Right Wing

Current Cabinet

  • Secretary of War and Defense -Mathew Smith
  • Secretary Immigration and Population -Mathew Smith
  • Foregen Minister -Mathew Smith
  • Media Secretary -Mathew Mayor
  • Secretary of Development -Jalen Tristiy

Constitutional Power

  • Parliamentary Power The parliament shall be elected via local election.
  • The parliament shall draft laws. Parliament can override Presidential vetoes, declare war with consent of The King.
  • An MP serves a term of 1 year and can serve an infinite number of terms.
  • Parliament may amend the constitution with a ⅔ majority and consent of The King.
  • The Leader of the majority party is also the Governor of Commonwealths