Danubine Language

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The Danubine Language is an Indo-European Language most similar to Austro-Bavarian German, Yiddish and English with many influences from French, Latin, Welsh and Arabic. The Danubine language is spoken by any Danubines and is not limited by ethnicity, it was created to reflect the nation's heritage.


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Spoken inNew Vienna
Total speakers10

Basic Vocabulary

English - Danubine
I/Me - J'éh
You/You All - Eae'h
Us - me'h
New - Néuin
Old - Auld
Cat - KÆtm
Dog - Doug

In total there are about 500 words in the language, the list above is a basic sample.


The Danubine Language uses basic French Grammer, putting nouns before adjectives. For example to say "I have a cute cat' would be J'eh á'h Onxe'n KÆtm BÆlle. Template:United Kingdoms of The Danube and New Flanders and Her Commonwealth