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The Right Honourable,
Daniel Morris
At "Draega International 2011", Huntingdon
1st President of New Westphalia
Assumed office
19th of August, 2013
Chancellor James H Whittle
Predecessor Office Established
1st King of Draega
Assumed office
January 20, 2013 - July, 2013
President of the Union of Draegan Republics
Assumed office
January 1, 2012 - January 20, 2013
Predecessor Office Established (1st)
Personal information
Born October 21st, 1993 (age 19)
Sheffield, Great Britain
Birth name Daniel Morris
Citizenship New Westphalian
Nationality British/Welsh
Political party New Westphalian National Party
Residence Drakenport, Draega, New Westphalia
Religion Protestant

The Right Honorable, Daniel Morris , is a Centrist New Westphalian politician and statesman.

The founder of the Union of Draegan Republics and Previous Incarnations of Dorzhabad, he was its first and only Head of State to date for both Draegan nations to have existed from January 2011 to the 1st of August and , after serving one term as High King of the Draegan Kingdom.

He is currently serving the People of the Republic of New Westphalia as the President of the Republic, and head of state of the National/Labour Coalition Government.

Early Life

Morris was born on the 21st of October in a hospital in northern England in the city of Sheffield. His home was between Wirral and Chester during the early years of his infancy, moving later to Northamptonshire. Through his early school life he had lived in a working class environment until moving in with his Grandparents due to family issues. After residing in Cambridgeshire for a number of years, he set out after discovering micronationalism, to found the Dictatorship of Dorzhabad, a controversial nation based on the symbolism of both the German 2nd Reich and Iron Curtain Warsaw Pact cultures and governments.


Morris is entered politics in late 2009, when after having researched on independence throughout September and declaring his opposition to cybernations and NationStates-like entities - deemed unprofessional - he established the Dictatorship of Dorzhabad in January 2010, after basing himself of the works of Kevin Baugh of the Republic of Molossia. After the transition from a dictatorship to a republic later in 2010, Morris was nominated Premier, a title he held until the final transition to a parliamentary democracy on 15 January 2011, when he was nominated Prime Minister. Morris remained throughout Dorzhabad's existence its head of state and leader of the only political party existing in 2011, the Draegan National Democrats, though the establishment of other political parties was not forbidden.

His partial tongue-in-cheek approach to micronationalism, including his decision to reign over a dictatorship in the first months of 2010, made him a notable personality in the MicroWiki Sphere. A follower of Antarctic micronationalism, Morris also served as Secretary of the Antarctic Micronational Union in June 2012.

His decisions to attend many notable meetings and even organise several summits himself made him especially dependant on support from other nations, dealing mostly in bilateral relations with many larger Microwiki nations which had been well established for numbers of years each. Morris realised that his literacy and Wiki formatting skills were below par, this impacted heavily on the makeup and presentation of his nation, even though he described the Incarnations of Dorzhabad and Draega to be all Wiki Nations. His return to the Wiki format was brought about with he, with James H Whittle of Strathy decided to merge their current states of the Communist people's republics of Strathy and the High Kingdom of Dreaga, forming a completely new nation and core.

The Republic of New Westphalia was a new venture that Morris has endeavored to make, In Chancellor James Whittle's words, it is a 'territorial, centrist, non ideologically centred and democratic Republic'. For a number of weeks, deliberations with Whittle and Morris were underway as they tackled the prospect of making a new system from scratch, and so began the hours of skype calls and wiki editing.

Awards and decorations

Heraldic titles

Non-heraldic decorations