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Coat of arms
Motto: Ad Maiorem Damuziæ Gloriam (Latin: For Greater Glory of the Damuzians)
Founder Isacio Arcadio Stratton
 - Mayor Vacant
Time zone Central European Time

Damuzia is a city in Milvania, located in the northwest of the micronation, in an inland area far from the coast.


The name of the city is based on Dumuzid, the name of a Babylonian god and a bench where the founding citizens used to meet in a park in the afternoon.


A group of former citizens of the Senatorial Republic of Timeria decided to continue with their micronationalist path by creating a new project. Damuzia was chosen for the name of micronation by a bench in a park where they used to meet in the evenings. The 19th of March 2020 was the date chosen to found the country.

With the foundation of Alcidia, Damuzia was annexed and transformed into a city.