Damariscottan Central Time

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Damariscottan Central Time
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UTC offset
Current time
7:44 am, 22 September 2021 UTC−04:30 [refresh]
Observance of DST
DST is not observed in this time zone

Damariscottan Central Time observed Coordinated Universal Time (UTC; UTC±04:30), rarely known as Machias Time (DCT), since Maritime Republic of Misberia is enclaved by the United States and Canada. Misberia did not officially observe daylight savings time, however it is de facto observed. The government of Misberia did not use UTC-4 during daylight savings time when recording official meetings or court sessions, however the public commonly used AST.


During the time of the Misberian Confederacy and its predecessor states, used the Atlantic Time Zone despite being located in the United States mainly. There were pushes to create a time zone since November 2018 following the creation of Misberia, the movement was announced succeeded almost three years later in Maritime Republic of Misberia following approval from the Parlamento de Maria.